YLHS Women’s Tennis Recap


YLHS women's tennis team

Kylie Tsai (11) and Karina Hiranandani (11) at a home match against Canyon.

Simran Vaswani, PhotoJournalist

Tennis is often the forgotten sport, and many people don’t understand the challenges that come with it. Though it is an individual sport, our own Yorba Linda High School  tennis team has succeeded and pushed through some of these challenges, and made it to CIF and the Crestview League Finals.

Crestview League Finals consists of 4 different schools, Yorba Linda High School, Foothill High School, Canyon High School, and Villa Park High School. 

 The first game of the Crestview League Finals had players Avery Yang (9), Kaylie Cao (10), Kayla Seo (10), Kylie Tsai (11), Cate Nihira (11), Brianne Burgess (11),  Ashley Lee (12), and Olivia Yackey (12) participate in doubles. Our singles players were Karina Hiranandani (11), Lauren Jo (11), Lauren Han (11), and Anna Petrescu (12). It was at Yorba Linda High School, and our plays did very well. Our doubles team of Avery Yang (9) and Kaylie Cao (10) continued on to semifinals, as well as Anna Petrescu (12) and Lauren Han (11). It’s shocking how our youngest varsity players made it so far! We are all so incredibly proud of the effort that they put in. 

Many players are sad about the tennis season ending. Kylie Tsai (11) says that “I will miss all the seniors, and cherish each memory I have with them. Tennis is one of my favorite parts of Yorba Linda High School, and I love how it brought me closer with people I didn’t even know.” Sports are a big way to connect with others and bond with their teammates. Kylie Tsai (11)  also says that “I have gotten so close with everyone on the team, and I can’t believe I only have one year left until I graduate.” 

It was definitely a struggle getting to CIFs with the other teams constantly improving alongside us, but our team worked really hard this season and we managed to pull through.

— Avery Yang (9)

In CIF, YLHS won the first round against Great Oak all the way in Temecula! Our women’s tennis team played amazing, and won 16-2!

Sadly, our team lost in the second round against University High School. Yorba Linda had a great season with a win-loss ratio of 10-2 at the beginning of October. Our team worked very hard, and persevered during the close matches. I’m so excited to see what they have for us next year! Go Mustangs!