Orange County Curfew

The Orange County seal.

The Orange County seal.

Sage Gioia and Gavin Gondalwala

In Orange County, ordinance 3-5-1 says that on weekdays the curfew is 10 p.m. till 6 a.m. in the morning and on weekends it is 11 p.m. till 6 a.m. During the curfew, minors are strictly prohibited from being in public spaces.


There are only seven exceptions to this rule.


  1. If one is accompanied by his/her parent or guardian, or an adult over the age of 21.
  2. If one is on an errand on the behalf of his/her parent or guardian without any detour along the way.
  3. If one is in a motor vehicle traveling across state lines.
  4. If one is going to or from his/her place of employment.
  5. If there as an emergency that requires your attention.
  6. If you are on the sidewalk in front of your residence.
  7. If you are attending a school, civic, or religious event supervised by adults, or if you are leaving such an event.


The only cities in Orange County that have different curfews are Brea (10 PM to Daylight), Huntington Beach (10 PM to 5 AM), La Habra (10 PM to 5 AM), La Palma (10 PM to 5 AM), Mission Viejo (10 PM to 5 AM), Orange (10 PM to 5 AM), Tustin (10 PM to Daylight), and Villa Park is (10 PM to 5 AM).


If caught breaking curfew, the penalties for all of Orange County are the same–one is taken to the police station and a call to your parent or guardian will be placed.