What is Diversify Our Narrative YLHS?


InVision Capital Advisor

Diversity is necessary for each and every community. Here at YLHS, the Diversify Our Narrative Club is trying to further educate the students on the true meaning of equality and diversity.

Emma Safari, Photojournalist

Yorba Linda High School is home to many clubs, one of them being Diversify Our Narrative YLHS. First started by Abigail Lee, the current president of the club, Sophia Kim, gives the entirety of Yorba Linda High School the rundown on what the club is all about. “The point of the club is to promote diversity within our school,” says Sophia Kim (11). Diversify YLHS is aimed at bringing light and spreading information about social injustice, the struggles people of color face, the stigma against LGBTQ and the disabled, along with everyday racism that occurs. “We’re doing things to promote equality. It is mainly race-related, but we also focus on the LGBTQ and the disabled,” shares Sophia Kim (11).

As the club progresses throughout the school year, the club leaders hope to put a spotlight on literary authors who are also people of color. “I hope to see this club get the recognition it deserves for how much effort it puts into YLHS and to see it grow in numbers by other young adults who want to see improvement in our schools,” Nania Brar (10). The club wants to educate the community both in and around Yorba Linda on people of color authors that write works surrounding the struggles that come with being a person of color.

“I love being in this club because by being a part of it, I know I am making a difference in my community.”

— Nania Brar (10)


So why should students join? “I love being in this club because by being a part of it, I know I am making a difference in my community,” says Nania Brar (10). Another one of the board members, Moya Turner (11) states “Personally, it is really nice getting to know the different perspectives everyone has. Everyone has the right to their own opinion, but I really love how we healthily discuss ours. It is very welcoming and we get snacks as well so that is also a fun little bonus.” 

In addition, by joining this club, students are actively partaking in actions that advocate for increased diversity in the education system. For example, students can share their personal experiences or first-hand accounts-such as online posts- of social injustice and racism to the school board in order to advocate for more recognition. “I am so invested in it because I find it very important for young people to be involved in their community and this club is the perfect way for me to do that,” says Nania Brar (10)

As club rush has come to an end, take a look at the Diversify the Narrative Yorba Linda High club. All students are welcome at any time and the board members of the club would love to have more. Make sure to check out their club, you can find them on Instagram @diversifyyournarrativeylhs.