Cute Pups for Cancer


Brenda Donovan Jackson/Facebook

An example of a cute dog pic to cheer up Anthony

Hannah Kim, Photojournalist

There is just something about dogs that just makes people feel all warm and cuddly inside. Is it the unconditional love and loyalty they exude each time they see a loved one? Is it the selflessness to cater to their owners needs? Is it the cute furry face that makes your heart melt and fill with love? Either way, dogs make us feel good. No one knows this netter than Anthony Lyons, 16 years old, who was diagnosed with leukemia last year.


During Anthony’s long and painful chemotherapy sessions, he would find solace in his furry friends who would come to visit him in the hospital. Whenever his friends would stop by, Anthony was immediately cheered up. But, the dogs had stopped coming to visit him at the hospital. When Anthony’s family realized how much of a negative impact not seeing his furry friends had, really influenced them to make a change. A family friend, Roberta Lucero-Koron set up a Facebook account titled “Photo Doggies for Anthony” and it encouraged many users to submit photos of their dogs to cheer him up, and keep Anthony going.


Since the page was created, more than half a million people have posted a picture of cute furry friends and warm wishes. Anthony claims that whenever he is having a hard time at the hospital, he could always look to the Facebook page and see the thousands of pictures and encouraging notes people have posted. “I actually posted a picture of me and my dog last week when I first heard about it! It’s so cool!” exclaims Lilan Nasr (11).


Research has shown that animals truly do have an enormously impacting posit effect on humans and their well being. Visiting with a pet can enhance moods, reduce anxiety, and sometimes even shorten the length of the hospital stay! Especially for long term patients at hospitals, like Anthony, it is a blissful and much needed escape from reality when furry friends come to visit. “Animals bring you to of yourself, so you can stop feeling the physical and emotional pain for a moment” says Pamela Barlow, senior animal behavior counselor at the ASPCA. Touching and petting pets can also help to lower blood pressure and helps patients lessen the feeling of fatigue or pain. All in all, pets just make living life a whole lot easier. “I love my dog, she always makes me feel good and brightens my day.” Kyla Qumsieh (11).


So Mustangs, if you would like to post a picture of your cute and cuddly pet, please visit the Facebook site linked below. Lets come together and make a difference in a boy’s life. Lets make his world just a tad brighter and a lot warmer.