Oversaturation and Individuality

Having a fresh business that stands out in today’s oversaturated markets is the only way to succeed.


Having a fresh business that stands out in today’s oversaturated markets is the only way to succeed.

Imaan Moten, Photojournalist

Nowadays, new businesses are popping up left and right, but in order to be successful, you must have a revolutionary and specific product that you can’t really get anywhere else. Although this is the case, a lot of today’s businesses are starting based on other people’s ideas, which is taking the creator’s market share. A lot of companies are losing their originality and niche corner of the industry because of oversaturation. 

What this means is that there is too much of one type of business in the market space. A really good example of this is Boba. Boba has always been well-liked but now that it has recently gained popularity in the last five years, the amount of businesses that exclusively sold boba has gone up by 78%  (worldteanews). With this many chains selling the same product, it’s hard for businesses to succeed because there is no originality that is making people want to come to your place of business for your product. When oversaturation is too prominent, the things that factor towards your business success are things like convenience and location, which are not exactly something people can control. 

Another issue that comes up is that companies are losing their originality. At one point, the “Frappuccino” was something you could only get at a Starbucks; it was specific to that chain and people went there for that specific product. but now you can get a “Frappuccino” ( just under a different name) at almost any coffee shop or even fast-food restaurant, such as McDonald’s. Another thing that comes up is that bigger companies who have the resources to easily implement new products are taking things that may not even be connected to their specific business to produce and sell in order to attract more customers and steal from the smaller businesses. 

One reason that so many people advocate for “buying small” is that larger corrupt corporations steal business from the obviously smaller ones who are trying to make a living for themselves. Things like this happen almost constantly and by letting the larger corporations win, we are allowing the wealth gap to become larger and putting more people out of their homes. Even then, one thing to know is that this is not always the case; companies such as BJ’s have held a pretty good monopoly in terms of a “Pizookie.” This is another thing that, even though it was not invented by the company, BJ’s is known for, and when a person thinks about wanting this thing, unless they’re looking to have it homemade, he or she almost immediately thinks of BJ’s.  One student at YLHS Adil Ismail (10) comments that “this is a very relevant issue”.