How Branding Can Be a Huge Drive for Social Change

Disney Plus’s Encanto has finally given minorities long awaited representation.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus’s Encanto has finally given minorities long awaited representation.

Arya Banerjee, Photojournalist

Name brands such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and Adidas have already begun to utilize their popularity to bring light to social issues that in my opinion aren’t discussed enough. This entails focusing on minorities who are underrepresented in the media, participating in the Black Lives Matter movement, and delving deeper into the importance of critical race theory. These name brand companies have taken the initiative to push out content regarding these issues, and as people view it and share it with their friends and family, word starts to spread as it becomes more familiar. Taking note of the fact that most people base their sole opinions and judgments off of how brands are presented to them, it can be easily utilized in a way to promote social change and positive ideas. Although this doesn’t seem like it would have much of an impact, more and more people will get exposed to these ideas, and soon enough it’ll become such a prominent theme in people’s heads that that’s what they’ll believe. Madison Cao agrees, stating, “my friends base all of their opinions only off the branding, nothing else will cross their mind. They’re so easily influenced by it” (Madison Cao 12).  

I know it sounds a bit like brainwashing, but if companies take full advantage of the fact that branding is everything, it can truly be a driver for change and help influence people to make a difference for the better. Take climate change, for example. Climate Change and its effects is something that is so rarely talked about, but if Adidas began to make clothes that promoted the idea that climate change is bad and something that shouldn’t be ignored, people’s concern about it will grow. And as more people look at those clothes the idea that climate change is bad will become such a prominent and well known idea. Soon enough people will begin to advocate and hold rallies to promote fixing climate change. A real life example of this is Disney Plus’ Encanto, which gave the Latinx community the representation they deserved. The film also did a great job of giving everyone something they could relate to. It’s companies like these that take the initiative to be the change that real progress starts to happen, and genuine progress is made. Branding is truly such a useful tool that can be so easily taken advantage of to better ourselves and inspire people to make real change.