Best Coffee Shops Around Yorba Linda

 Around Yorba Linda, there are many amazing coffee shops student’s should try. Reborn Coffee is a great coffee shop in Brea.

Danielle Huizar

Around Yorba Linda, there are many amazing coffee shops student’s should try. Reborn Coffee is a great coffee shop in Brea.

Danielle Huizar, Editor

Because of the early mornings and the abundance of school work, caffeine has become a staple in many high schooler’s daily routine, and for some students, including myself, they can not get through the day without a cup of coffee. Obviously, Starbucks is a convenient chain that most people get their coffee at, but going to the same store can get boring after a while, and it is extremely important to support small businesses. Thus, Madison Austin (11) and I have been going to different coffee shops every Wednesday morning to find unique and incredible coffee shops around Yorba Linda, and here are some of our favorites.


YLS Bakery & Café

This café is one of the most notable and popular cafes in Yorba Linda, and it is definitely one of the best in my opinion. In fact, I go here at least once a week, and my favorite orders are iced oat milk lattes and iced chai lattes, but their coffees are not the only delicious item sold here, as their food is also amazing. They have multiple unique donut flavors, a multitude of different pastries, and tasty burritos. My personal favorites are the oreo donut and the egg white delight burrito. Jacqueline Sumaya (12) goes to YLS a lot, and she “loves the bagels and lattes.” 


Bluetree Cafe

Located in Anaheim Hills, Bluetree Cafe is one of the best coffee shops in Orange County without a doubt. Known for its blue lattes, everything purchased here is amazing. Dhamar Hernandez (12) goes to this shop often, and she loves “the sense of community that a lot of coffee places lack.” She adds that “the service is excellent,” “the people are so friendly,” and she “always leaves with a smile on [her] face.” Also, she says that “Bluetree is unlike anywhere else,” and “often times, you’ll find yourself going back more than once a day” because “its just that good.” I definitely agree with Dhamar, and my favorite drinks are the toffee latte and the cloudy caramel cold brew.



Reborn Coffee

In the Village at La Floresta, there is a coffee shop that has a mission to introduce a “new wave of coffee…where each step is optimized through the lenses of both science and art, and social responsibility is considered with just as much significance” ( This modern cafe serves a multitude of wonderful drinks, such as lattes, chagachinos, cold brews, and much more. My personal favorite is their cold brew with vanilla syrup. 


Kaffeine Alley

This coffee shop is located in Anaheim Hills, and they are known for their organic coffee, real ingredients, homemade syrups, and intriguing coffee names, such as “All About that Coco,” “Yes Way, Rose,” and “Oh Honey.”  They also have many breakfast sandwiches with fun names, like “Treat Yo’self,” “The Simp,” and “The Scape Goat” ( My personal favorite items here are the “Cookie Butta” latte and the butter mochi.


Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee has been my favorite coffee shop since Emma Chamberlain praised it on her YouTube Channel. The closest one to Yorba Linda High School is located in Fullerton, but there are also ones in Huntington Beach, Old Towne Orange, and Costa Mesa. Founded in 1978, their goal is “to better the days of everyone who walked in,” and they definitely better my day every time I step into this store. They have multiple amazing creations, such as the “Iced Mint Mojito,” the “Tesora,” the “Iced Gingersnap,” and the “Philtered Soul” ( My personal favorite is the “Iced Rose.”


In essence, there are multiple amazing coffee shops around Yorba Linda, and I definitely recommend checking these ones out. Also, on our Instagram @ylhswrangler, Madison and I will start uploading videos tasting new coffee places, so be sure to follow and send suggestions for places we can try!