Lighting Up the Holidays

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Jordan Coley, Sports Editor

The holidays are a time filled with the laughter and company of friends and family. With only a few weeks left to spread some holiday cheer, many are looking for things to do with their loved ones. Home owners have united to provide a free experience for families. Together, neighborhoods are taking the concept of decorating houses with lights to a new extreme. Thousands of dollars are being spent on each house to create an unforgettable sight.

Neighborhoods throughout Orange County are participating in this festive trend. Often times there is a common theme amongst the houses. Locally, East Lake homes are decorated based on a theme decided on by the street. Entire streets are transformed into Christmas extravaganzas. Whether it’s snowmen, snowflakes, or Christmas trees, it is a sight worth seeing. In Brea, an entire neighborhood is decorated as well. Houses are outfitted with thousands of lights. Children and their parents line the driveways selling hot cocoa and cookies, surely creating an inviting atmosphere. Car by car, families and friends pour into the packed neighborhood to witness the light shows. Multiple houses in the neighborhood are set to music. A spectacular light show is performed regularly for all to see.

The idea of hanging Christmas lights seems like a simple and festive one. However, to many it is a statement of their love for the holiday season. Many have gone to the absolute extreme of hanging lights. Hundreds of thousands of lights, blowups, and decorations are used as a statement. Recently, ABC has ran a show highlighting several of the people who go all out with their Christmas lights. Homeowners prepare year round for their homes to be one of the few honored by the show. They are judged and the winner receives 50,000 dollars.

While the local neighborhoods previously mentioned may not be as extreme, they still remain a fun holiday acidity. Information on local lights is listed below.

East Lake Village Lights Address: 5325 Village Center Drive, Yorba Linda, CA 92886

Brea Lights Address: 2960-2970 Primrose Ave, Brea, CA 92821

The Great Christmas Light Fight: ABC, Mondays at 8pm