Station Donuts

Make sure to go check out Station Donuts and support your local business!

Make sure to go check out Station Donuts and support your local business!

Emma Safari, Photojournalist

Station Donuts is one of Yorba Linda’s most prized community donut shops and was voted as Orange County’s top ten best donuts on the OC Register in 2021.  It is safe to say that from the homey atmosphere to the delicious doughnut, this shop has got something for everyone. 

So what is Station Donuts all about? “Station Donuts is a small family owned donut shop that has been providing specialty donuts to our community,” answers Susan, the current owner of Station Donuts. Station Donuts is a single store doughnut shop that has been around for over thirty years in Yorba Linda. Four years ago the ownership of this business was transferred to Susan after she purchased it from the previous owners.

Fortunately, for the residents of Yorba Linda, this shop is local and loved by all. Whether it’s a simple glazed donut to a jelly filled doughnut, everyone has a favorite doughnut. When asked what their favorite donut is, the current owners of Station Donuts responded, “Our glazed doughnuts happen to be one of our personal recommendations.” 

If you’re not a fan of glazed doughnuts, make sure to check out their custom decorated and created donuts. All of their custom orders can be found on their creative and fun instagram page, this also includes their current festive doughnuts which are a huge hit right now due to the holidays being right around the corner.

“My favorite doughnuts are the custom doughnuts. They look really cool and you can tell that a lot of time went into the making of them,” Cate Rohelling (10) says. Many students at Yorba Linda High School and members of the Yorba Linda community agree with this statement. Not only are the doughnuts a work of art, they are also a sweet treat that everyone can appreciate.

Make sure to stop by Station Donuts, which is located on 18316 Imperial Highway, Yorba Linda. They are open from the hours of 4:00 am to 2:00 pm. Their doughnuts are superb and the staff is committed to the satisfaction of customers. “The staff at Station Donuts are really nice. They really care and make it a point to make you happy. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for either a few simple doughnuts or a custom dozen of doughnuts,” shares Ashley Tsai (10).

The Yorba Linda High School Wrangler would like to give an enormous shout out and thanks to Station Donuts for sponsoring our printed newspaper. Without their help, the printed newspaper would never have been possible! We truly appreciate them!