Breaking Down the Walls Coming to YLHS

This picture was taken at a Breaking Down the Walls workshop a few years ago.

Courtesy of Google Images

This picture was taken at a Breaking Down the Walls workshop a few years ago.

Arya Banerjee, Photojournalist

Breaking Down the Walls is a unique and exciting program coming to YLHS, and our Mustangs have never been more ecstatic. This program is one of a kind, and our school is getting the opportunity to participate in it. Considering that this program is only available to our school every few years, Yorba Linda High School has never been more exhilarated. Breaking Down the Walls is a program that creates a safe environment for high school students to learn about empathy through their play, trust, learn method. By helping students laugh with one another, they eventually learn to trust each other and end up learning new things about people they wouldn’t have otherwise talked to. Breaking Down the Walls centers their program around the idea that “we are better together.”

This has been an especially prominent theme in all of our lives since the pandemic, and so it is even more special that we get the opportunity to participate in it this year. The goal of Breaking Down the Walls is ultimately to create a more positive culture shift on school campuses. Instead of students keeping to themselves or to their phones, they might smile at someone they haven’t spoken to in a while, and feel more inclined to acknowledge the people surrounding them. Technology has been a safe haven during the pandemic, and this program encourages high school students to move away from that and create a more intimate, united atmosphere on campus. Breaking Down the Walls also holds student conferences, which remind students how much of a leader they can truly be in their school and community. “I went to one of their seminars around two years ago and it was such an instilling experience. It empowered me to gain confidence and be a leader anytime I can” (Stefanie Bates 10).

Through stories, optimistic thinking, and positive attitudes, this program has reached hundreds of schools across the U.S. Their assemblies have sparked conversations amongst strangers, made people realize they’re not that different from each other, and brought people closer together. Breaking Down the Walls teaches students that by getting to know each other’s stories and by trying to have a deeper understanding of one another, we can ultimately create a happier, more positive environment in our community and our school. “I’m really looking forward to Breaking Down the Walls, and although I’m a little nervous, I know I’m going to come out of it appreciating I did it” (Stefanie Bates 10)