A Real-life Fairy Tale



Hotel Castello Di Reschio, a gorgeous view of the pool behind the hotel.

Payton Baughman, Photojournalist

The classic fairy tales we hear as children are often filled with dragons and princesses, as well as the perfect prince.  We craved the make-believe, and these stories brought us hope – the hope of being happy. Now, what if I told you that you can fulfill these dreams? You can live in this castle, like a Princess or Prince or otherwise – with a hotel that was once a castle in Italy. (Dezeen.com)

As stated by a student here at Yorba Linda, “I would love to live out that dream of living in a castle, I would love that!” (Maddie Vo (10)).

The Bolza family turned a 1,000-year-old Italian castle into Hotel Castello Di Reschio.

Created by Benedikt Bolza and his family, the castle has custom furniture for its 36 suites, restaurant, and spa.

With the hotel welcoming guests this spring, do you want to be one of their guests?  The hotel is placed within the Reschio estate, and was acquired by Count Antoni Bolza in 1994. The property lies on the border between Umbria and Tuscany and is dotted among farmhouses on any map.

The building was mainly restored by Count’s son Benedikt and his son’s wife Donna. Before this castle had been restored to its impressive build, the family had lived in the stone “Castello” for degradation. They worked harder and harder to protect and restore the architecture, as well as create modern comforts such as updated bathrooms, to make guests as comfortable as possible.(Dezeen.com)

In this time, in total 30 suites were built, some outlooking the central courtyard garden and others looking out on the rolling hills. The other six suites were built next to the Parish church.

The breathtaking rooms were decorated with terracotta-brick or wooden floors, hand-stitched linen curtains, Italian fabrics, and locally crafted marble and brass vanities(Dezeen.com).

Benedikt Bolza also designed and crafted bespoke beds and lighting for the hotel, via his own furniture brand BB for Reschio.

The photos and paintings are from local antique shops around the castle. Benedikt has embraced an original approach to design, using local craftsmen and creating thoughtful, whimsical spaces that are filled with comfort and wit – while artfully nodding to the fascinating characters who once resided within the castle walls(Dezeen.com).

The tower suite – which is entered over the castle’s gateway and is five levels long – has two bedrooms, which includes a bathroom, living room, open-air bath, and private garden. 

Located in the western ramparts is the castle’s restaurant which serves gourmet Italian dishes.

Guests wanting a more active experience can explore the estate on foot or bike, even take riding lessons at the equestrian center. Historical cities and towns are only a short drive away from this breathtaking estate(Dezeen.com).

What do you think? Would you stay here? What sounds like the best part?