How to Prepare For In Person Learning

 Preparing for in person school now will get you ahead of the game when we do go back, and by establishing these good habits, success will be easier when in person school begins again.

Morgan Parlett

Preparing for in person school now will get you ahead of the game when we do go back, and by establishing these good habits, success will be easier when in person school begins again.

Katelyn Ruggles, Photojournalist

During the duration of online learning, many students have fallen out of habits that are needed for in-person learning. However, it is very likely that we will be going back to in-person learning, and even though there is no specific day set, we can assume it will be sooner than later. That is why it is crucial that students start to fall back into their habits they had when school was normal so by the time it does go back to the way it used to be, students will not have to undergo such a severe transformation and already be prepared. 


Many students have gotten used to waking up the latest as possible and still be able to get to their first period on time. While at home, one does not have to account for getting fully ready for class and have to set time aside for the ride to school. This will probably be one of the hardest changes when going back to school. Students can start getting up earlier and just laying in their bed while waiting for class to start. Although they are not fully doing the normal school routine, it is still getting the body used to waking up at an earlier time and it will make it easier and cause less of a toll on your body. 


 Another difficult habit to break for when students go back to school is not constantly being on their phones instead of work. No matter how much you deny it, we all know it’s too hard to not get tempted to go on our phones during zoom classes. However, distractions like that will not be tolerated when actually at school. This is why it is so necessary to start eliminating all distractions you could have during zoom calls to get into the habit of actually listening during classes. You can put your phone in a different room when on zoom to prevent you from being tempted to be distracted which will help get back into the groove of regular school. 


Even though it’s hard to admit, most students are most likely guilty of using notes or even the internet when taking tests or quizzes during online classes. With such easy access, it is so hard to not give in and lookup an answer or two. However, we all know that this will not ever be an option during in-person classes. If you do not start preparing now for in-person test-taking, it will be one of the most difficult transitions when going back to the classroom. Students will not be successful if they do not get into the habit of properly taking tests. 


Sophomores and freshmen will definitely find some trouble returning back to the classroom. Being a sophomore and never having a full year of regular high school learning, Camille Khong (10) states how it “will be more difficult to adapt back to a regular school schedule. We all have to be able to work together to return safely and adopt habits such as persistence and empathy for one another to ensure we can succeed.” 


Although it will be a challenge, following these steps at building better school habits will make the transition to in-person school easier. It might not be the most enjoyable thing to do, but it is necessary for success at school and even in the future. These habits can be used all through life to help get work done faster and more effectively. Hopefully, schools will be back to normal in no time and hopefully, we will all have a smooth transition and continue to have success during the switch.