The 75 Hard Challenge: A Mental and Physical Journey


This picture is commonly used on social media as a way for people to explain what this challenge is.

Emma Khamo, Editor-In-Chief

In March 2019, Andy Frisella had announced on a podcast that he would be starting a new program that would test the mental toughness of the people that participate. The program is meant to take control of your life in 75 days and forces its participants to switch up their daily routines with just 6 very hard rules, every day, from the moment they wake up, to the minute that they fall asleep.


The first rule of this program is to follow a diet. The diet can be any diet of the participant’s choice but it has to be set and structured. Some people choose to go vegan or vegetarian, give up red meat, practice keto, or only eat whole foods.


The second rule is that you must do 2 45-minute workouts a day. There are no specifics on what the workout has to be except that one of them has to be outside. This is meant to push participants to go outside and get some vitamin D and sun, both vital to a human’s mental and physical health.  


Next is one of the hardest rules, but one that will keep participants in check, and that is that absolutely no cheat meals are allowed. If you decided that your diet will only be plant-based, do not ruin it by indulging in a late-night In n Out burger! Now for any participants over 21, alcohol is not allowed to be consumed during the program as alcohol can have a lot of negative health effects such as drowsiness, headaches, and high blood pressure.


This next rule is easily the simplest, yet the most forgotten and that is to take a progress picture every single day. There is no excuse for this one. Participants must record their progress during the day. This rule can be super frustrating as many fall asleep forgetting to take a progress picture, therefore messing up their program. This rule is meant to push its participants to create a habit, if they say they will take a picture every single day, they will.


Moving along, the fifth rule is to drink a gallon of water a day. Although a gallon of water a day will probably have you in the bathroom all day, the benefits definitely outweigh that. Some benefits include curbing cravings, fight bloating, and clear up skin.


The last and final rule is to read 10 pages of a self-help book every day. The book is meant to inspire and participants can easily read 2-3 books during this program to reshape their lives. This book must be tangible and NOT an audiobook.


There are “zero compromises and zero substitutions”, and if you mess up one day, you will have to start from day 1.


It would obviously be easy to change the rule to doing just one workout a day or having a cheat meal every Friday night, but in order to really push themselves, participants need to stick to these 6 rules.


There is absolutely no tangible prize that comes at the end of this program except for the fact that participants will be mentally AND physically stronger. Senior, Sterling Milsap (12) says that she has been interested in doing this ever since it picked up popularity on social media. She says that “I really want to see what physical and mental changes my body will go through during those couple of months. I would love to do this in 2021.”


In all, this program is the absolute test of strength and it is something that I hope to be able to complete one day. I want to be able to prove to MYSELF that I can complete anything that I put my mind to.