Cyber Monday,The Black Friday Killer


Nikhil Patolia, Photojournalist

The Black Friday havoc is finally over, but now its time to one again search crazily for the best deals there are on Cyber Monday.  Similarly to Black Friday, Cyber Monday is a day where people can buy products for a significantly discounted price but with Cyber Monday, the deals are often greater for electronic devices.


Many people have been saying that Cyber Monday is better than Black Friday Maggie Shi, for example, stated that “Cyber Monday is better than Black Friday because you actually get to spend time with your family on Thanksgiving”.  Major corporations have defaced the true meaning of Thanksgiving with their deals on Black Friday.  Thanksgiving is meant to be a day in which people are thankful for what they have but ever so often do people skip celebrating this holiday because of the sales that start at 6:00 pm of Thanksgiving Day.  This is a terrible way to be thankful for what we already have, by wanting to skip spending time with our families just to save money when buying material objects.  Black Friday not only ruins he holiday for the consumers, but also the employees that have to work during the holidays.  These employees can’t spend this special time with their families but instead have to satisfy every need of those that chose not to be with their families.


Even if you missed the deals on Black Friday, you can still save on Cyber Monday.  That is why Cyber Monday is so much greater than Black Friday.  Cyber Monday leaves time in between Thanksgiving and itself to allow everyone to enjoy their Thanksgiving break!  Furthermore, the deals on Cyber Monday are often better of equivalent to the deals of Black Friday, and they can be accessed through the convince of your home.  Cyber Monday will hopefully wane out Black Friday and allow people to enjoy the holidays.