The Need for Christmas Cheer Leads to Early Decorating This Year

2020 has brought about an influx of early Christmas decorating.

Courtesy of Pinterest

2020 has brought about an influx of early Christmas decorating.

Faith DeSio, Photojournalist

With November 1st signifying the start of the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, many are left to wonder if it’s too early to decorate for Christmas? Halloween this year fell on a Saturday, leaving the perpetual early decorators jubilant with the realization that November 1st fell on a Sunday! Historically, people like to begin decorating on the weekends when the worry of the workweek is behind them. So, just as trick-or-treaters were putting away their candy stashes from the night before, avid Christmas decorators were laying out their holiday lights waiting for dusk to fall. In fact, this year more than ever, Christmas decorating earlier in the season seems to be catching on.

The 2020 year has left many people feeling depressed and out of sorts. The economic downfalls, pandemic, and political disagreements have made this year both isolating and confusing. Seeing Christmas lights, buying and wrapping gifts, listening to holiday music, and yes, decorating early, all trends on the happy side. It’s no surprise that people who decorate for the season early tend to be happier. In fact, the Christmas Trees Sociation states that decorating for Christmas “Create[s] that neurological shift that can produce happiness.” 

Stores seem to be capitalizing on this trend as well. Businesses such as Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Target, and Walmart all had Christmas displays up in early October. With in-person shopping being less this year, online Christmas decorating and sales also began in October. Shoppers who wait until after Thanksgiving this year to begin buying holiday decor will be hard-pressed to find the selection that was offered in earlier months. Just as the pandemic has brought about early buying and hoarding of supplies, Christmas decor seems to be being bought and sold out at faster rates than ever before. 

Additionally, services that offer professional light installation and house decorating have been booking up at faster rates this year. Even though fees have increased for these services, families have been booking companies anyway. As more people are being forced to socially distance and stay at home, having a decorated house has become more important than ever. One student, Jessica Jones (9), said “I love having my house decorated for Christmas! It makes my heart so happy and I love all the winter festivities! It brings me so much joy!” Staying at home more can make people feel depressed, but having lit up and decorated homes can combat these feelings. 

In fact, at the start of the pandemic, there was even a trend going around in early April calling for people to put up their outdoor Christmas decorations early so people could drive around and look at lights. While this trend didn’t catch on entirely, the number of people decorating in early November has certainly increased. 

In a year full of Scrooges and disappointments, make sure to be a Griswald and light those houses up! It’ll make everyone feel better and will definitely help to bring some cheer to the end of the 2020 year.