The World’s Unexplained; Part 1


Sarah Lemos

Famous figures in the city of Yorba Linda from it’s starting were buried in this historic cemetery. It is rumored to be haunted by the Pink Lady.

Sarah Lemos, Photojournalist

The unexplained haunts the minds of those who dare to question what goes bump in the night. Why do they love to explore what might kill them is a question everyone wonders? It’s not a secret that people think about the unnatural occurrences in our world. Paranormal ideas have sparked waves of popularity from the ghost stories of your relatives to the horror movies raking in money. How did the many monsters create such a fascination in the mind? Is it because we don’t understand the creatures lurking in the dark or is it because we fear what they might do? Many investigators like the most notable Ed and Lorraine Warren researched these happenings all over to provide an answer for what is beyond our world. Evidence or no evidence, there are unexplained phenomenons all over the world, even in Yorba Linda.


Stories have been passed down from generation to generation, giving it more life. Tales like La Llorona frighten children as they crawl into bed. The monster hiding under the bed is a classical story told for centuries told to scare misbehaving kids. The story goes as the bogeyman will take the naughty kids far away. Many variations of the story exist in different cultures. The monster is also known as the sack man. Urban legends have risen in popularity as Youtube and Tiktok channels grow in viewers listening to the stories of those who faced the monsters that have unexplained features. Everywhere has a tale that asks to be told from the mighty yeti hiding in the Himalayas to the famous Bigfoot lurking in the forest and stacking in with a terrifying goat-man known as Krampus taking away the bad kids during Christmas. Whether these monsters exist or not, the mind can’t help but believe they are out there somewhere. 


Yorba Linda is not alone with the urban legends as people believe a figure called the Pink Lady haunts the historic Yorba Linda Cemetery. A spirit is said to haunt the historic cemetery in Yorba Linda. Her story is still unknown, but many people believe she is Alvina de Los Reyes, a descendant of the Yorba family. She was killed in a buggy accident after a dance at Valencia High School. Ever since the 80s, the pink lady hasn’t been reported and she has never been photographed. Her existence is believed by many residents in Yorba Linda, but Jorge Deanda (11) gave his thoughts on the story of the Pink Lady, “Although I believe in supernatural events from personal experience, I do not think the legend of the pink lady is real. I have not personally seen her, and I think it is nothing more than an urban legend.” Paranormal beings can be found all over even in the seemingly perfect towns. 


Beyond what people can see, something darker lurks amongst the innocent presence. These unexplained entities are known as demons. Movies like The Exorcist made the theory of their existence more well known as hauntings that occurred on set and were followed by many tragedies. After the movie came out, people began to wonder if just speaking about the unknown forms a passage between worlds. The answer still lies in the dark and the human mind continues to dare the ideas of the unknown. Identifying what is good and bad has become difficult to see as fear takes over the mind. Dealing with an unimaginable presence is far from anyone’s wishes, but for some, it is what they work for.


Hollywood has made a billion-dollar industry from the old tales. Popular movies like The Conjuring series and The Amityville Horror sparked interest as people wondered what actually lurks in the dark. The Conjuring series follows the paranormal case files of Ed and Lorraine Warren as they collect objects from each of the hauntings that they investigate. This series has caused many spin-offs such as Annabelle, The Nun, The Ouija Board, and The Curse of La Llorona. The movies brought in a lot of attention causing sequels to be made as a background story to just how the demons came into play. Blockbuster movies definitely take part in the paranormal interest as it brings about more questions than just what could be hiding in the shadows.


As Halloween night approaches, the ghouls and goblins will come out to play along with the many tales of their partners. Ghosts from beyond their tombstones will rise once again to scare the many children tucked in for a good night’s sleep. Evidence might seem fake to those who deny, but to many, it is what can influence the unknown monsters hiding in the dark of night. people will continue to explore for an answer to the unknown. For now, the answer remains unsolved.