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Best Foods to Eat at Disney’s California Adventure (Ft. Limited-Edition Pixar Fest Foods)

Jennalyn Urquico
(from left to right) Chloe Chang (11), Faith Alam (11), Lauren Urquico (11), and Jennalyn Urquico (11) taking their first bite out of the sweet cream cheese pretzel–one of the treats at DCA.

As we (Chloe Chang and Jennalyn Urquico) were standing in line for our second ride of the day at 8:30 am in the morning, we realized how hungry we were. It all started with a Jack-Jack Cookie and before we knew it, we were buying new treats almost every hour. 


What most people do not realize about taking a day trip in the Disney parks is how much delicious food you will be snacking on throughout the whole day– a delicious (probably unhealthy) amount of food. This is what we realized when we took a day trip to Disney’s California Adventure on May 25. 


There were also a lot of new foods due to Disney’s Pixar Fest that is taking place this summer, so we took advantage of that and tried different treats that were a special feature of the fest. After eating 11 different Disney foods, we feel that we are experts and are qualified to give advice as to what foods are the best to eat at Disney’s California Adventure. Let’s start with what we ate in the morning, all the way to what we ate while watching the fireworks:


Jack Jack Cookie:

To start off our day at DCA, we shared a Jack-Jack Cookie. This cookie was so delicious and was not like any other regular chocolate chip cookie. It was thick and had gooey chocolate chips and was still very warm when we ate it. Raven Hale (11) is a frequent DCA goer and loves this cookie saying, “This cookie is your basic chocolate chip cookie but 10x. It comes out warm and in its own wrapping so it doesn’t get all over your hands. Also, the amount of chocolate chips on this thing is crazy. Definitely recommend.”

The Jack Jack Cookie is your basic chocolate chip cookie but 10x. It comes out warm and in its own wrapping so it doesn’t get all over your hands.

— Raven Hale (11)

 If you find yourself near the Incredicoaster, stop in line right near the ride to grab a Jack-Jack Cookie! We promise it will be the best chocolate chip cookie you will have all year!


Sweet Cream Cheese Pretzel: 

Later on in the day, we waited in line at the pretzel cart until it opened at exactly 10:30 am to pick up a sweet cream cheese pretzel. This was Jennalyn’s favorite food of the day, so we both knew we had to wait in line to get it. This treat is a pretzel filled with a sweet cream cheese filling that is the perfect sweet treat to get you going. The pretzel is doughy and sweet, and is perfect to share with, as it is easy to rip apart! 


San FranSokyo Clam Chowder: 

For lunch we decided to visit the newly built SanFransokyo dining area, this area had many different food vendors. These different restaurants took classic dishes and gave them an Asian fusion twist. We were all excited to get the classic Disney clam chowder but as we approached the menu it was seen that this version had little bacon bits and a hint of white miso in the base. The white miso in the base gave the clam chowder the perfect blend of the traditional clam chowder flavors and the rich Asian flavors. Overall, we came to the conclusion that it was an interesting blend of flavors but the original clam chowder is too iconic to change. 


Sea Monster Lemonade: 

One of the Pixar Fest drinks is the Sea Monster Lemonade! This limited edition drink can be found at the Portorosso Pasta Booth themed around Luca! This drink tastes just like a lemonade with a hint of sourness topped with little jellies! This drink was very delicious and refreshing, and the jellies were a really nice touch! Our only piece of advice is to not drink this one too fast, or you may get a stomach ache (speaking from personal experience). 


Bacon Mac and Cheese in a Cone:

This bacon mac and cheese in a cone tasted like pure heaven. We tried this after three long hours of not getting food (a big feat for us!), so this tasted especially good and hit the spot! You can get this quick meal at the Cozy Cone Motel in Cars Land. The warm mac and cheese is very mouth watering and flavorful, and the cone is completely edible! This food item is perfect if you are in need of a meal that is quick and delicious to get!


Classic Corn Dog: 

The classic corn dog is a disney staple and if you haven’t tried it, next time you go make it your mission to go try it. This corn dog may look like a normal corndog but it is covered in buttermilk batter as opposed to regular batter. There honestly isn’t much to review becasue corn dogs are just classic, but this was Chloe’s favorite of the day. This is a staple disney meal and it just hits the spot every time. 


The Sparkler: 

The Sparkler is a drink that is a limited time item, and is apart of Disney’s Pixar Fest. The drink was inspired by the Pixar movie: Soul. This drink sounded weird on the menu a carbonated drink that combined cotton candy and mango flavors. Somehow they found a way to make it work an the strange combination of flavors blended very nicely. Another bonus of  purchasing this drink was that it came with a super fun glow cube. But was it worth the $14? Lauren Urquico (11) stated: “Even though it was really good, I dont think it was worth the $14.” 


Pixar Pier Parfait: 

Finally our last food item of the day, the Pixar Pier Parfait sold at Adorable Snowman Frosted treats. This item is a DCA fan favorite, we wanted to see if it was due to the picture perfect aesthetic of the treat or if it tasted as good as everyone claimed it to be. The Pixar Parfait consisted of lemon soft-serve and blue raspberry slushie with a cherry on top. This sweet treat was the perfect way to close out our Disney day together. As we ate it we understood the hype behind this dessert, and it was Faith’s favorite purchase of the day. 


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