Frida the Dog, Mayor for the Day

Hannah Kim, Photojournalist

The mayoral election has been “barking” up a storm. In San Francisco, one of the most unlikely candidates was elected to be Mayor of San Francisco for the day. A dog. That’s right, I said it, a dog. “Uhh, seriously? Can i be mayor too then?” Lillian Nasr (11) says.


A female Chihuahua named Frida won her first political office and was named Mayor of Dan Francisco for the day, as a part of a campaign to support the city’s animal shelters.


Lucky for Frida, her owner bid $5000 to have the privilege of spending her day touring the Bay Area landmarks and receiving a coveted commendation from the Board of Supervisors.


Frida was then to be shown around city hall and at the end of her term, she was presented with a retirement package that included a doggy bed, gift basket, and play products.


This campaign was a voluntary donation to help shelters throughout San Francisco. Whoever had the winning bid would get your dog to be mayor for the day in San Francisco!


This campaign was to show people not only in San Francisco, but to people across the nation that rescue dogs make great pets, they could even be mayor!


This is making the people in society aware of the heavily populated animal shelters and to show possible pet owners that shelters are a good place to look at to help expand your family! Shelter dogs are often discriminated against and branded with ugly stereotypes even though they are loving and just as excited as you to start a new family.


San Francisco is also trying to keep the animal shelters in their city well funded and taken care of in order to get pets off of the dangerous streets and help them find their way to a family. “My dog is from a shelter and she is one of the sweetest dogs on the planet I swear!” Kelly Fagan (11) claims.


So Mustangs, here is how we could help. If there is anyone you know that wants to buy a new furry family member, tell them about animal shelters near them and inform them of the loving animals waiting to be taken home. Save the lives of furry friends. Give them another chance at love and happiness. Who knows, your dog could be mayor too!