Mustang Pride from Home


Credit to YLHS ASB

A graphic created by ASB to easily navigate where to find each Mustang Instagram account.

Emma Khamo, Editor-In-Chief

One of the hardest things about not being able to be on campus this fall is for sure, not being able to celebrate our fall spirit rallies, dress-up days, or football games. Being at Yorba Linda High School fills our students and teachers with a lot of pride and it is a shame that we will not have a chance to bring it to life for at least the first couple months of school.


We are all so thankful for our ASB class as they work hard every day to come up with some fantastic ideas, but in the meantime, here is how you can keep up with Mustang spirit virtually.


The first step is to follow our official Yorba Linda High School Instagram account. The account can be found under @ylhsmustangs and is filled with great content. On this page, you can soon watch fun videos from our teachers including “Day in the Lives” and “Q and A’s”. You can also find updates on important dates, schedules, and holidays all while being an online platform where you can support other students and teachers on campus. 


The next step is to follow either our arts or athletics account. These accounts are perfect for our already-very-involved students because on these pages you can see everything that is going down in your favorite school program. For example, our arts pages love to highlight all of our art classes or impressive pieces of art that our student body has created. As for our athletics account, you can find team and player spotlights, and dates and times of big games this year.


Third, make sure you push your parents to follow the YLHS Mustangs Facebook page. This page is great as it makes sure to keep your parents updated with everything happening on campus and virtually.


The last social media that you can find the Mustangs on is your class Instagram. This page is very important to follow as it is directly catered to you and your classmates. Seniors can be found @ylhs2021, Juniors @ylhs2022, Sophomores @ylhs2023, and Freshman are @ylhs2024. These pages are used as space where your class officers can create awesome content, announce class fundraisers, or put on awesome giveaways. 


Although these are all ways you can cheer for our school virtually on social media, there are some ideas for those that are not huge fans of social media. The first one is to not be afraid to wear your Mustang pride to your classes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with repping our classic t-shirts or lettered sweatshirts in your class, and who knows? You may be able to influence other students to join in on the fun. Lastly, feel free to wear your Mustang team gear! Or club t-shirts! Whatever represents the Yorba Linda Mustangs will surely make you feel like you’re a part of all of our Mustang pride!


No matter what you do, Mustangs, make sure you keep your pride and spirit high! Our ASB Secretary Jamie Hauk (12) is most “looking forward to updating our students and coming up with fantastic ideas for our student body during these very difficult times.” So, keep following the Mustangs on all of our social media to stay updated with new activities and events!