Things to do in Yorba Linda After Quarantine Ends


Karina Shah

Box Canyon Park Street at the end of a hiking trail during the sunrise.

Karina Shah, Photojournalist

During these times, it is easy to be full of boredom and await for the self-quarantine to end. In Yorba Linda, there are many things to stay hopeful and look forward to when the social distancing is no longer necessary. 

The best parts of Yorba Linda that give a beautiful scene and put you within nature are the various parks. Yorba Regional Park, one of the largest parks, is a great family destination where you can bring large groups of people including kids of all ages. There is a large lake within the park that allows paddle boats and fishing for a small price. Also available for purchase is family bikes and barbecue grills ( Danielle Huizar (10) says, “Yorba Regional Park is one of the best parks in Yorba Linda because there are many different activities to do there.” Another park that has many different activities is Box Canyon Park. Serving as the destination to start a various amount of hikes, people come from all over to see the plants and animals in the hills. To add, there is a large playground plus a field for kids to play in and a seating area for around 50 people. Many large gatherings and parties are held there including the annual kite flying festival of Yorba Linda ( 

Since there are many hills in Yorba Linda, hiking is a great activity to do with family and friends. Hiking trails are common within the hills because of the many areas that are untouched by humans. One of the best trails is Scully Ridge Trailhead, which goes about 9.5 miles through some hills. Another great area to hike is the Quarter Horse Drive Trailhead. This trail has a high elevation and shows beautiful views of Yorba Linda and Anaheim. It is an extremely popular trail for sunrise and sunset walks because of the views ( 

If you do not prefer nature, there are a variety of other activities to do. One of the top attractions in Yorba Linda is the Richard Nixon Library and Museum. Since former president Richard Nixon was born in Yorba Linda, a museum was built around his birth place and is also being used as the burial site for him and his wife. At the museum you can be taken through the entire life and political presence of Richard Nixon. You can also see the house where he was born and raised for the beginning of his life. 

Another place that is an educational museum is the Susanna Bixby Bryant Museum and Botanical Garden. This house is a great place to learn about the history of Yorba Linda and is the first ranch that was started on the land of Yorba Linda. The house was restored and is now used for an educational museum for history and gorgeous garden.

So many of the activities can be done with family and friends in Yorba Linda after stay-at-home ends, but people need to respect the quarantine order so that there will be the ability to do them again!