Teacher Spotlight – Mrs. Ward


Mrs. Ward

Mrs. Ward’s posted profile picture on the Yorba Linda High School website.

Karina Shah, Photojournalist

At Yorba Linda High School, there are many teachers who deserve recognition. One of the main teachers that falls under that category is Mrs. Ward (Staff), who is well liked and involved in the school. She teaches chemistry at all three levels: college prep, honors, and advanced placement (AP). She has been teaching here since 2010 and has consistently instructed chemistry at YLHS. 


Mrs. Ward is happily married with two kids, Reagan and Easton, at the young ages of eight and five, who reside in Yorba Linda with their mom. Mrs. Ward says that her “family and faith are of utmost importance” to her. 


During the time that she’s not teaching, Mrs. Ward enjoys the time she spends camping and supporting whatever her children are doing. She also adores listening to country music. 


Mrs. Ward decided that she wanted to be a teacher when she was about nine years old. Her reason for choosing science as the subject she strived to teach is largely due to her favorite high school teacher. 


She attended her higher education at Cal Baptist University, where she had the opportunity to explore the idea that she may have wanted to be a missionary overseas. However, she ended up teaching because of the opportunity to have a positive influence on high school students. 


When Mrs. Ward was asked about her favorite aspects of teaching, her immediate response was her students. She enjoys the daily interaction with her kids as well as being a positive influence on each of them. She wants them to know that she cares about them and their best interests. Her favorite part about teaching her students is watching them enjoy learning chemistry and grow as people throughout their years at Yorba Linda. She also thrives on the evolution of watching her students step up to the expectations she has on them. 


Her most memorable moments at Yorba Linda High School is when she hears from her former students about how they are doing in the future. She also mentions that she remembers hearing from her seniors on what colleges that they have gotten into and seeing how excited they are. She says, “It fills me with so much pride and excitement for them.”


Mrs. Ward was additionally asked what her favorite characteristics about Yorba Linda were. She talked about loving the pride that everyone takes in working or attending Yorba Linda and how many opportunities students are given to be involved and connected. She adds that she loves the amount of high achieving students who go to Yorba Linda. Finally, her closest colleagues are Mrs. Stedman (Staff), Mrs. Salas (Staff), and Mrs. Pilkenton (Staff). 


Mrs. Ward strives for being a positive influence at Yorba Linda High School and that is why she is known as an exceptional teacher by many of her students. Spending time with her students and watching them develop is what makes her a dedicated part of the Mustang family!