Student Spotlight: Ameerah Hirji


Ameerah Hirji

Ameerah is playing a game on the YLHS JV basketball team.

Suhani Bhanvadia, Photojournalist

Among the many talented and hardworking students at YLHS, there are plenty of students whose peers look up to them. Ameerah Hirji (10)  is a sophomore who excels in academics, is involved in various sports and clubs, and has the most positive attitude even in tough situations. Like other students, she strives to do her best every day. But a unique quality that she has is that she carries an optimistic attitude and spreads positive energy everywhere she goes.

Similar to some other students at YLHS, she stands out in class and works to demonstrate a work ethic incomparable to many. In school, Ameerah plays basketball and golf, and is in FBLA, PTSA, Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy, and CSF. Outside of school, she is involved in numerous nonprofit organizations, karate, and is a Sunday-school teacher. Keep in mind that she is only a sophomore and has already built up a reputation for being a high achiever.

Many students like Ameerah have busy schedules in and outside of school and find a way to balance school work, extracurriculars, and time with friends and family. But, a characteristic that isn’t very common among high school students is the ability to stay motivated and optimistic while balancing a busy schedule.

While balancing all the activities she does, one must wonder how she does this without being overwhelmed or wanting to give up. A piece of advice that Ameerah would give when staying positive involves time management. She says “in order to not get overwhelmed, I make sure to manage my time well and find the balance between work and downtime, which allows me to stay positive.” With so much going on in an average high school student’s life, time is valuable and should be continuously used wisely to keep positive momentum.

Ameerah has a positive impact on everyone who meets her and they all remember her for her uplifting attitude. As one of Ameerah’s good friends, Hannah Bucklin (10) describes her by saying “I never see her in a bad mood and she always finds a way to stay positive even in tough situations. There is also something about her work ethic that makes what she does seem easier than it really is.” 

It is evident that Ameerah excels in school and has a bright future ahead of her. With a big smile on her face, it is hard not to make friends with her and embrace the positive aura she brings with her. Much can be learned from Ameerah and her unstoppable positivity as she is undoubtedly an exceptional Mustang.