The Season of Celebration


Emelia Ortiz

Gathering for a Friendsgiving celebration, students enjoy each other with scrumptious food and take part in the spirit of the holidays.

Stephen Serrano, Section Editor

Ahhh. The holidays. A time of year when wearing ugly sweaters and fuzzy socks are the norm and Christmas songs are the only genre on playlists. The holiday season brings a sense of warmth and nostalgia that everyone seems to be craving nowadays. With politics splitting our nation over controversial topics and the media sharing devastating news every day, staying positive seems to be especially difficult. But thanks to the holidays, newfound hope and compassion can be formed.


No matter what holiday, from Diwali to Hanukkah to Kwanzaa and Christmas, it is important for us to celebrate because it reignites the fire in our hearts in giving back to the world around us. Numerous organizations such as OC Second Harvest Food Bank and Crittenton House bring back awareness to their missions during the winter time. As a school, students can learn how to give back while celebrating during this season through the charitable work in our community.


Furthermore, Thanksgiving is the first holiday celebrated during this season, a day dedicated to being thankful. Gathering around the dinner table with scrumptious food, Thanksgiving brings all sides of the family together for a relaxing night. Yorba Lindans are as busy as they come, and sometimes life goes so fast that we forget to stop and appreciate what is happening. The day reminds us to dig deep inside and truly be thankful for living in the “land of gracious living.”


In addition to the fresh passion for giving, the holidays also bring families back together for a short time. Because so many siblings and other family members are far away pursuing higher education or other obligations, the holiday season helps to reconnect with loved ones and enjoying their company. Sometimes months or even years go by without seeing family, so the holidays allow people to focus on looking forward to the good things and not letting all the negativity bring one down.


Not only does celebrating for each specific holiday create happiness and good times, but the joy the holidays bring also leaves the year on a high note. During the months of November and December, the holidays make up the last two months of the year. The traditions and festivities of each distinctive holiday create a feeling of warmth, excitement, and relief. The last parties of the year are for New Year’s Eve. Gatherings typically consist of dance music, good time games, and lists of resolutions for the new year. 


The holiday season is packed with numerous occasions with food and company. Believing that this time of year is “for families to spend time together and relish in their own personalized family traditions,” Zachary Hernandez (12) enjoys the feelings and celebrations associated with winter. Ending with a line from NSYNC’s song, “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,” “no matter what your holiday it’s a time to celebrate.” The Wrangler wants you to have the best winter break, Mustangs! Stay safe and celebrate!!