Homecoming Court: Junior Edition


Photo Courtesy of Claire Koltura

Paulina Marriquin (11) and Brandon Vega (11) at the homecoming rally at Yorba Linda High School representing Junior Princess and Prince.

Claire Koltura and Stephen Serrano

From movies to television shows, homecoming affects how many teens view the candidates, life stories, and the court. There’s also extensive drama with the homecoming queen walking down the middle of the aisle to receive her crown.


Here at Yorba Linda High School, homecoming court is chosen when students cautiously walk up to ASB tables in the middle of the quad to quickly decide who they’ll choose for the first round of votes. A candidate must receive two votes and then move on to the second round. Those nominees are put onto a list and voted in the classroom to nominate two people for homecoming court (one prince and one princess for freshmen to juniors). The ten senior nominees (five girls and five boys) with the most votes go on to be candidates for Homecoming King or Queen. This becomes the final nomination because the King and Queen that process is longer with all grades voting for the final vote.


Within their third year of high school, the Junior Homecoming Prince and Princess are some of the best and brightest. This year’s Junior Princess is Paulina Marroquin (11). Nominated for the third time in a row for Homecoming Prince, Brandon Vega (11) takes the position of Junior Prince.


When asked about her reaction and obligations she must uphold as the 2019 Junior Princess, Paulina states that she is grateful “to be nominated and appreciates it. The meetings involve taking pictures and answering extremely eccentric questions.” Because being the Junior Princess is a huge responsibility, nerves play a huge factor because she has to contain herself in front of huge crowds. Paulina has learned to “ stay calm before something nerve-racking” through various performances in her life.


Paulina’s fellow “prince charming” is in his third year of nomination. Brandon also plays a major role in ASB as Junior Class Secretary for 2019-2020. As this year’s Junior Prince, Brandon believes that it “has been an honor full of surprises to [him] because [he does not] feel like the type of person who deserves the attention. But being nominated makes him happy knowing people care about [him].” He also recalled that “there’s a lot of rehearsal and time that goes into court…[because] we take pictures a week before, practice walks, and prepare answers for the questionnaire. Being in ASB also makes it a little more stressful because I have to set up for the rally, but I love every moment.” Displaying his veteran experience and kindness as a person, Brandon’s third year on Homecoming court proves why he is chosen every year.


Although both candidates do not carry the background seen in typical teenage dramas, they exhibit the lives that typical teens that receive an almost once in a lifetime opportunity. Paulina and Brandon represent what it truly means to be a Mustang and carry out the principles with running with the STAMPEDE. As Homecoming rolls around, the Junior royalty will be walking in with style, grace, and honor.