Stand Up Against Bullies: National Bullying Prevention Month

Eunice Ahn, Photojournalist

This month is National Bullying Prevention month, in which students take action against any form of bullying. This movement’s purpose is to bring awareness on children’s emotional, physical, and mental well being by promoting the dangers of bullying and cyberbullying. There are many ways to promote and show support for this movement.


One way support can be shown is by wearing the colors orange and blue. An organization called PACER has an orange colored shirt that says “Choose Kindness, Acceptance, and Inclusion” and a non-profit organization known as STOMP Out Bullying has a blue colored shirt that can be purchased in support of anti-bullying movements. On October 14, it’s a STAND UP for others week where there’s a chance that everyone can take a stand for someone. Whether the person is LGBT, any race, or disabled, you can be friends with them and stand up for them. There is nothing wrong or embarrassing talking to someone and giving them a word of encouragement or even trying to become friends with that person.


On October 21, it’s the Week of Inclusion where no one is alone at school. Invite people who are alone to come and sit with you or invite them to a school activity! The whole point is for everyone to be included in something and to support each other, especially those that are insecure or stressed out. You can also show support on social media by doing #HereForYou to let classmates or anyone know that you can help them if they need help.


On October 28, break down the walls and talk with peers on how you can help the school and make it a better place for everyone. Make a comfortable space where people can share their experiences on being bullied or cyberbullied. Others can learn from their experiences, hear how they have dealt with it, think of better solutions to help those who are victims of bullying. We, as a community, can be there to support their scars that are left from their bullying experience. Again, there is nothing embarrassing about trying to think of better ways to help prevent bullying.

National Bullying Prevention Month, which is this month, is the perfect time of year where we can show our support against bullying. Alexis Ramirez (12), who’s an ASB member, said, “Since it’s Homecoming and football season, it’s a bit hard to really focus on bullying, but we try to make the school environment more inclusive and try to get people united under Mustang Spirit and Mustang Pride. We all go to YLHS so we all want to come and be happy here!” This attitude should remain all year long. There is nothing cool with bullying other people, and bullying doesn’t even need to be physical, it can be teasing, isolation, spreading rumors, threatening behaviors, and cyberbullying. If there is a need for adult prevention, seek a parent, teacher, or any staff at school for help. Let’s try to make our school a better place!