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Prom Trends 2024

High Schooler shopping through the many different styles for her to wear to prom.
Bella’s Bridals
High Schooler shopping through the many different styles for her to wear to prom.

Although many students may be stressing about AP tests, a positive way to look at it is to remember that prom is right around the corner. That being said, many girls right now are struggling to find dresses. There are only so many stores to shop from, so it is common to show up in the same dress as someone else. Although it isn’t ideal to be matching with someone at your high school prom, at the end of the day, if you like it then just buy it. The worst case scenario is buying a dress that you aren’t completely in love with because you know no one else has it. Yet, in the future, you may look back and realize how you regret not buying a dress you liked. Everyone who is shopping for prom dresses is dying to predict the trends for the year and find a dress they like, I am here to guide you through the predicted trends and where to shop. 

Predicted 2024 dress trends: 

Strapless. Strapless prom dresses are timeless, specifically this year a dress that has caught everyone’s eyes this prom season is the Sherri Hill Style #56161. The strapless design provides a stunning and clean look. In the past couple of years, everyone has leaned more toward the puffy, big, and bold prom dresses, but the strapless look is sleek and typically more form-fitting. 

Easter. The debate between Easter vs. Princess dress style for prom has gained a lot of coverage recently. This year many girls are stepping outside the typical prom dress style comfort zone, and are wearing dresses that are more typically seen at Easter church, or brunch. Easter dresses are classified as more flowy and floral. It will be interesting to see which style “wins” at your prom. 

Cutouts. Cutouts are making a comeback, it is a trend that has its peaks but it isn’t timeless. Although it looks amazing, some people don’t like the idea of revealing that much skin. This year they are definitely making a comeback and we’ve seen a lot more of these dresses in stores, we can expect to see more dresses with these designs at proms this year. 

Corset. The corset design is slimming and very flattering on all body types. That being said they were never out of style but this year we can see that a lot of designers are making dresses with the corset design. The corset also accentuates one’s curves and creates an hourglass illusion. This is also a design common in wedding dresses because it is known as a fancier, more formal design. 

Places to shop:

Windsor is such a good store to shop at and I was able to find a dress that fit me perfectly  and shoes that matched it perfectly all in the same day!”

— Rania Sawhney (11)

Windsor is more on the cheaper side of prom dress shopping; however, they still have cute, good-quality dresses. Although you may have similar dresses to other people, if you are okay with it then it is a good deal. Windsor has many different styles, ones perfect for all different body types. According to Rania Sawhney (11), “Windsor is such a good store to shop at and I was able to find a dress that fit me perfectly  and shoes that matched it perfectly all in the same day!”

Lucy in the Sky, even though this is mostly online only, they have one small store in West LA. The downside to shopping here is that since it’s online only and inconvenient to go to the small store, you can’t try it on, and when you return it they only do store credit. On the other hand, they have many different styles and their dresses are good quality. Also, their prices are typically priced within a regional prom dress range. 

Lulus, this is another online-only store. Sadly, as technology is improving, more stores are online, which is convenient, but you want to try it on prom dresses because most people aren’t exactly one size. Lulus prices are reasonably affordable and they are made with good quality so if you are willing to take the risk then Lulus is a good site to check out. 

David’s Bridal, although people typically go here for wedding dresses or bridesmaids dresses, the bridesmaid dresses are similar to prom dresses so you will be able to find good quality professionally made dresses. One downside is that due to the fact that it is a larger dress store, their dresses are more on the expensive side. However, they have a wide variety of dresses because that’s what they specialize in so you will definitely find one that you like. All that being said, if you are on a budget I don’t recommend shopping here. 

Macy’s is a department store that has a huge section of prom dresses. Their dress prices have a large range, so you can find some cute dresses for a good price. Also because Macy’s is a department store you can find shoes, a bag, and accessories all in one stop. This makes prom shopping efficient and less stressful. 

Princess Polly, this is yet another website with good quality dresses that are still decently priced. In my personal experience, some of the dresses I have ordered from them are thinner material. Although it was made of a thinner material overall the quality was still advice average, and a good deal considering the cheaper prices. Another good thing about shopping at this site is that if you are running out of time then ordering from here is a safe bet because it ships and delivers quickly. 

That’s So Fetch, is our final website and it is based in Australia, however, even though it is international the shipping time is relatively fast. They have a wide variety of styles but since it is online you can’t try it on before. Another obstacle is that because it is based in Australia the sizing is different so you will have to take precise measurements. 

Finally, it doesn’t matter if you have the same dress as someone else as long as it makes you feel confident and good about yourself then wear it. Besides, once you accessorize it and do your hair and makeup it won’t even look like the same dress; unless you style it the exact same but the chances of that are slim. The most important part of prom isn’t the dress and the look, it’s the memories you make that one day you can look back on. 

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