The Oktoberfest: The Festival of Memory Making


Photo courtesy of Sarah Meadows

One of the most popular rides at the Oktoberfest is the iconic ferris wheel.

Sarah Meadows, Section Editor

Yorba Linda dreams flood with thoughts of taking one’s crush on that oh-so-romantic ferris wheel or taking one’s friends on those rather sketchy, yet exhilarating carnival rides. The Oktoberfest at Saint Martin’s Catholic Church is an annual event where kids of all ages have been making memories for 40 years. It truly would not be the start of the fall season without a bunch of kids running around with silly string in their hair and good times in their hearts.

Nonetheless, Yorba Linda’s annual Oktoberfest is more than simply silly string and good times. The Oktoberfest started out as a celebration of the wedding between Bavaria’s Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen over 200 years ago. It then evolved into a beer festival in Germany. Traditionally, it runs for 16-18 days. However, it is now celebrated worldwide in many different shapes and sizes.

In America, Oktoberfests are usually hosted by Catholic churches for a few days and include carnival rides, games, food, beer, live music, dancing, and silent auctions, in order to raise money for many charities under which the parish supports.

This year, the Yorba Linda Oktoberfest is being celebrated for 40 years in counting. It was expected to raise around $20,000 with an expected 30,000 people in attendance. A majority of those in attendance are kids of all ages, from elementary school all the way to high school students. As a matter of fact, many Yorba Linda High School students could be spotted at the Oktoberfest this year.

Emma Khamo (11), who is an annual attendee of the Oktoberfest explained that, “the Oktoberfest is a great way to meet students from different schools, all coming together under a common love for the fair’s festivities. It really ties the community together.” Tori Juarez (11) stated, “although the prices are pretty high, it all goes to a good cause. Every year that I attend, I see younger kids and remember all the good times the Oktoberfest has brought me and still brings me to this day.” Sterling Millsap (11) described that, “this fair is more than just a fair for the city of Yorba Linda. You cannot help but notice the strong feelings of love and friendship in the air. In fact, it has even become a hotspot for homecoming proposals.”

Without a doubt, living in Orange County, there is event after event, from the OC Fair to Knotts Scary Farm, that tie the entire county together. The Oktoberfest, on the other hand, is Yorba Linda’s own way to strengthen the city’s pride and bring people of all ages together for a weekend. Even if it is just a weekend, the memories made will last a lifetime.