Tik Tok Hall of Fame


photo courtesy of Sarah Meadows

With 32.3k followers and 1.2M likes, Logan Lopez has quite the platform on Tok Tok.

Sarah Meadows, Section Editor

One swipe after another, millions of teenagers worldwide spend countless hours a day watching the latest trend, Tik Tok videos. From lip syncing battles to trendy new dance moves to hilarious comedies, Tik Tok has it all. As a matter of fact, it has a competitive edge as well, as almost every single user on the app is competing to be the best lip syncher, the best dancer, or the funniest comedian, all in hopes of being “Tik Tok famous.”


Being “Tik Tok famous” essentially means that one’s videos have consistently appeared on the “For You Page,” going viral for the whole world to view. Believe it or not, there are a handful of students at YLHS whose videos have gone viral. 


Unequivocally, at first, being famous sounds appealing to any teenager. For some, it is exactly that. Nathaly Chavez (11), who has over 15 thousand followers on the app, explained that her wide arrange of videos, which have sparked interest in the Tik Tok community, have been a “fun way to express herself through a creative outlet, tell a story, and entertain.” Logan Lopez  (10), who has over 30 thousand fans of his comical videos agreed that, “Tik Tok has allowed me to do what I love, which is making people laugh even on their toughest days.”


On the other hand, all the fame is not for everyone. On top of having to deal with hate on the app, Tik Tok famous stars often deal with hate at school. Jealousy always leads to hate. Brock Melanson (11), who became famous by taking videos of him and his skateboard, described, “Little do people know how hard being Tik Tok famous is, knowing everyone at school has seen your viral videos.”


People are so quick to judge when they are jealous of the actions of others. For some, that judgement is reason enough to stop entertaining on their large platform. For others, the opinions of others simply do not matter, as long as they are happy and more importantly, their viewers are happy.


It is crucial that YLHS supports each other in everything that everyone does. From after school sports to academic achievements to Tik Tok fame, being there for others is essential, as they would do the same for you. YLHS is a community of love and support. So what is stopping you? Go give a follow, a like, and a comment to @nathalychavez13, @loganstones, and @urlocaltrendsetter!