Student Spotlight: Anna Petrescu

Anna Petrescu won the 18th Annual Ramada Labor Day Junior Open Tournament in Claremont, CA when she was 11 years old.

Tony Bujan Tennis

Anna Petrescu won the 18th Annual Ramada Labor Day Junior Open Tournament in Claremont, CA when she was 11 years old.

Suhani Bhanvadia, Photojournalist

Having so many students involved in numerous clubs, sports, organizations, and other extracurriculars in and outside of school makes it difficult to appreciate how talented the students at Yorba Linda High School are. In particular, Anna Petrescu (9) is a new addition to YLHS’s women’s tennis team. Anna, previously a homeschooled student and now a freshman at YLHS, has an incredible passion for the sport of tennis. She has been playing tennis for eight years and is dedicated to working hard.


Anna has won multiple tennis competitions and has been very successful in her tennis training before coming to YLHS. Previously, she made it to the finals of the 115th Annual Jim Hillman Southern California Junior Sectional Doubles Championships (Level 1), the G12 finals of the 2017 J.P. Yamasaki Tournament (Level 2), and was champion of the girls’ 14’s singles 35th Annual Anaheim Tennis Center Spring Junior Open Tournament.


Anna could not be more committed to playing tennis as she practices approximately twenty hours a week. High school students already have busy schedules, but Anna strives to practice as much as she possibly can.


One of the main reasons that Anna decided to become a Mustang was just to be able to play tennis. Out of all potential high schools in the PYLUSD district that Anna could have chosen, she chose YLHS. Choosing the right coach was a major factor as to why YLHS was the best school to attend: “Coach Lejano is very flexible with my schedule and I am allowed to have both first and second period off for practice,” Anna claims. This allows her to practice more and perfect her skills. Most athletes at YLHS still have a regular class schedule. But Anna’s focus on tennis makes her an exception. The opportunities provided by the YLHS tennis coach, Coach Lejano (Staff), allow Anna to focus on her passion.


But how was the transition from homeschool to public school?


According to Anna, regular public education is not difficult. She is quite comfortable in her new school and believes that “regular school is easier because, in homeschool, you have your own schedule.” With having her own school schedule, being adamant about doing school work could be a struggle at times. Now that she is fully immersed at YLHS, not only does Anna want to practice as hard as she can, but she also wants to find ways to make more room in her schedule to practice even more. 


From academically gifted students to talented artists and athletes, Anna stands out as a freshman who is driven to achieve her goals. She hopes to achieve a great deal of success in the future of her tennis career and is on her way to becoming a professional tennis player.