What Is It Like Being a New Mustang?


Eunice Ahn

Freshman Kimberley Reves

Eunice Ahn, Photojournalist

School has started again with a fresh start for everyone, especially for our new students. YLHS gladly welcomes the new students to the Mustang Family, and are very excited to have them join us. But what is it like being a new student here in YLHS?


Most of the new students are freshmen. There have been ups and downs to getting used to high school; the larger student population and campus size has led to some new students getting lost! Luckily, although the beginning of the school year was difficult for some, eventually they have gotten used to the pace. “At first high school was a bit difficult but after a few weeks of coming here, I feel more comfortable coming here and navigating my way” said Norah Li (9).


It may seem funny how some freshmen are scared of the upperclassmen but thinking back to our first years, everyone probably felt fear as well. Some freshmen can’t deny that school is scary at first due to the overwhelming size. “High school is kind of like middle school except bigger with bigger and scarier people!” said Kimberely-Mae Jeves (9), “But it isn’t too scary since I see some people from my middle school so it kind of still feels like middle school.” Hopefully, they will start feeling more comfortable and more welcomed as the year progresses.


One new experience that some freshmen are experiencing is AP classes. Most people start taking AP classes in sophomore year, but some freshmen have decided to take one early on. For some freshmen, it can be a bit overwhelming and stressful because they have to learn how to do DBQ’s or how to study for the tests. “High school is a bit scary and so far it’s been good,” said Zechariah Cheng (9), “but I do have a lot more pressure added now that I’m doing an AP class. It’s hard, but it’s so far alright.” 


Now that school is back in session, there are many new faces and people to meet! It’s a pleasure to have new people come to our school and become a part of the family. It may be stressful at first, but we hope that everyone can have a fantastic and memorable school year. Again, welcome to the Mustang Family!