Student Spotlight: Kylee Knight

Kylee Knight spent her Easter Break at the beach with her family in one of her favorite outfits.

Kylee Knight

Kylee Knight spent her Easter Break at the beach with her family in one of her favorite outfits.

Delaney Pietsch, Photojournalist

There are roughly 1800 students on campus daily at Yorba Linda High School. With so many kids roaming around the hallways it is hard to keep track of what each student is up to. From D1 football players to amazing actresses, there are so many talented students on campus. One of these talented students being Kylee Knight (11).

Kylee is a junior at YLHS and is involved in many different groups and organizations on campus. This is her first year on women’s varsity volleyball and has been a part of the program since her freshman year. Kylee is also a part of the yearbook class on campus and takes pride in everything that her group has created this year. In addition, Kylee is involved in many clubs on campus.

Kylee is able to juggle these extracurriculars alongside her very difficult academic schedule. This year Kylee is taking AP Calculus AB, AP Language Arts, and AP Chemistry. At the moment Kylee’s GPA is a 4.2. She is able to have such a high GPA by the way she manages her time throughout her day.

To many, Kylee may seem to lead a very simple life. She is very athletic, pretty, witty, and smart. Everyone goes through their struggles though. Kylee’s mom was very young when she had her and her biological dad has not been in the picture for most of her life. Kylee’s step dad adopted her a few years ago and she considers him to be the only father figure she has ever had. Kylee also had to watch her mom battle cancer during her freshman year.

Kylee has not let any of these events in her life stop her from being one of the best on the court and in the classroom. She has overcome each and every struggle with grace and elegance. Kylee has also had some help from her best friend, Madison Miller (11), over the years. According to Madison (11), Kylee is “such an amazing friend and [she] does not know what [she] would do without Kylee in [her] life.”

Next year Kylee is planning on enrolling in AP Calculus BC, AP Government, AP Economics, AP Literature, and AP Physics. She also plans on playing volleyball for the second year on varsity at YLHS to prepare for college. Overall, Kylee is an amazing scholar athlete that deserves every achievement she receives now and in the future.