H. A.T. S (Have a Terrific Summer)


A day at the beach. Photo Credits: Grace Kim

Grace Kim, Section Editor

As the school year comes to an end and summer approaches, Yorba Linda High School mustangs can’t wait for bonfires by the beach, sleeping in, and traveling. Many students look forward to summer break as it is a break from stressful AP classes, finals, and school drama. Melody Saba (12) is “excited to spend more time with [her] family and friends.” In order to have a terrific summer, here are some tips and tricks to consider over summer break.


  1. Frozen Fruits : Watermelons. Green Grapes. Purple Grapes. Mangos. Fruits make the perfect healthy snack to eat over the summer. Although fruits are delightful by themselves, under the sweltering summer temperatures, binging on frozen fruits is the perfect remedy to fight off the heat. Not to mention, use frozen fruits as ice for any type of beverages. By doing so, frozen fruits will keep not only drinks cool, but it will also prevent drinks from becoming “watery.”
  2. Frozen Aloe Vera: On a similar chilly note, freezing aloe vera is a must for relieving summer burns and crusty skin. It is not surprising that after a long day of hanging out at the beach or adventuring in water parks, one may receive harsh throbbing burns. Aloe Vera is proven to have anti- inflammatory and cooling properties to relieve the pain. Including anti-inflammatory and cooling properties, Aloe Vera nourishes the skin while leaving a protective layer of sticky residue. With that in mind, Aloe Vera is used in numerous skin care products due to all of its positive qualities.
  3. Sand Away: Sand gets everywhere. From inside your hair to the depths of your nail beds, these tiny particles are even more prone to stick onto people’s bodies after getting wet or wearing sunscreen. Not to worry, this uncomfortable situation is easily resolved. Just use baby powder and the sand will be quickly removed from one’s skin. Plus, baby powder is beneficial for the skin, hair, and nailbeds.
  4. Bedsheets: Old bed sheets can be used in various ways. For one, bed sheets can be used at the beach as a beach blanket. The elastic can be used to wrap around a sturdy base in order to prevent sand from penetrating the “clean” zone. Bedsheets can also be used as movie screens. With the following ingredients: a movie, projector, and bed sheets, teens can enjoy a movie night under the stars. Obviously, only white bed sheets can be used for the projection to be clear. Finally, use the bed sheets as forts! Bed sheets are light and stretchy which is perfect to create the perfect cover over a fort.
  5. Pack Efficiently: Finally, last tip is for the all the travelers in the room. Roll each clothing piece! Unlike folding, rolling each clothing reduces creases and saves space in luggages. Make sure to place heavier and more sturdy objects near the wheels of the suitcase. By doing so the weight of the suitcase will be equally balanced which will make it easier to transport from place to place.


Hopefully, these tips and tricks were helpful in improving the summer experience of those reading this passage. Have a great summer break everyone