Give it Up for YLHS Seniors

Seniors in Comedy Sportz share about their final match


Courtesy of YLHS Theatre

Comedy Sportz is wrapping up soon and some senior players share their experience.

Juliette Fournier, Editor

As Comedy Sportz at YLHS slowly wraps up for the year, they held a senior match on May 21st featuring eight seniors. Knowing that the year if coming to a close and this could be their last match, many of them shared their experiences in Comedy Sportz this year and their most memorable moments. Those playing in the senior match included Cooper Summers(12), Seven Guttierez (12), Ike Ford (12), Derek Hull (12), Cyra Donaldson(12), Nellie Pinkevich (12), Ben Weinraub (12), and Timothy Briagas (12).


When asked when and why she first joined Comedy Sportz, Nellie Pinkevich replied, “ I’ve been [in Comedy Sportz]… since freshman year… I was told by my friend who…[told] me how fun it is since we play a whole variety of games, so I decided to attend the first practice of the year and I’ve honestly loved it ever since.” Since this was her final match, and she will be unable to join something similar in college, Nellie felt nostalgic during her final match. She will definitely “ miss the laughter and all the memories that we made over the last few years in the practices and matches.”


Ben Weinraub came into Tuesday’s match “knowing it was [his] last match” leaving him with a “bittersweet feeling.” He mentions that “Comedy Sportz has been such a challenge, and overcoming many obstacles has been overwhelming at times and brought stress.” At the same time, he will miss “not seeing everyone’s faces and hearing their funny jokes every practice…” When asked about his favorite memory, Ben admits it “would have to be my first match. I was super nervous and thought that I was going to do awful. My teammates stuck by my side and helped get me through my first match with tons of laughs and great scene work.”


For Seven Guttierez, she was unsure whether this was her final match since one more remains. Having been in Comedy Sportz for four year, she doesn’t “have any specific favorite memories…  because were always making new and funny inside jokes.” One great memory that does come to mind though is how there’s “one specific group of kids [that] always yells teeth for their suggestions.” (Comedy Sportz matches are largely based around audience suggestions).


While he has only been in it for one year, Ike Ford commented that he would “miss being in scenes with my good friends, or making brown-bag-worthy pins during practice.” He remembers his first match fondly where he made “a dirty pun at the end… , [and although] I got brown bagged… it made me really happy to make those people laugh.” His main regret is that he wishes he “had joined Comedy Sportz sooner.”


Tim Briagas also comments he would have “join[ed] earlier.” He explains, “It was honestly a highlight of [his] high school experience and I would encourage anyone to join….  It’s a really fun activity and the people you meet in the group become great friends.”


Comedy Sportz has their final match of the school year June 4th in the Forum from 7:00 to 10:00 PM. Tickets are $5.00 at the door. The All-Star players will be going against YLHS Alumni. You don’t want to miss this hilarious event.