To The Fallen Veterans


Vicki Vellios Briner

Memorial Day is meant to pay respects to the lives lost serving in wars.

Mabel Ra, Editor

To the fallen veterans, we thank you for your service and commitments to protect our country.


Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May, with it most recently occurring on May 27, 2019. Although many know Memorial Day is a day in relation to American troops, there are several important and interesting facts about it.


What is it?

Memorial Day is not to be confused with Veterans Day. Veterans Day occurs in the month of November and primarily focuses in recognition of active military soldiers. Memorial Day specializes in honoring our fallen soldiers, those who have passed away.


How did it start?

Initially, Decoration Day became a day to honor the lives of those lost fighting in the Civil War. Once World War I began and the US became involved in another major battle, Decoration Day evolved into including commemoration to any of those lives lost fighting in the wars. Decoration Day gradually became known as Memorial Day, and in 1968, Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act which declared Memorial Day a federal holiday.


What can I do on Memorial Day?

There are several ways you can spend your day for Memorial Day. For instance, you can visit the park since most parks are public, they open for the public and host memorial celebrations that are often family-friendly and informative. You can visit museums, such as the Richard Nixon library, that are dedicated to providing information. Furthermore, by searching Memorial Day events online, you can find local events and observances.


How can I help?

You can help every day by paying respects to those who are currently serving or have friends or family related to a fallen soldier. Thank them, appreciate them, and acknowledge them. Continue to share their story, so we never take our freedoms for granted. Sarah Lemos (9) says “Memorial Day is a great day to honor and respect all of the people who fought for our lives.”


Each day, we are blessed to live another day in a country that fights for our protection, freedom, and life. Each day, a soldier serves his life to provide for the lives back home. Ricardo Camacho, a United States Marine veteran who served in the Korean War, recalled constantly thinking, “Just give me tomorrow.” We thank our soldiers, and we honor our fallen veteran; Memorial Day is a sincere day dedicated to respect.