Student Spotlight: Troy Hackett


Wayne Chan

Troy Hackett(left) and AJ Song(right)

Wayne Chan, Editor in Chief


Troy Hackett is a senior at Yorba Linda High School and like many, Troy was involved in many AP classes. Starting fall of this year, Troy is attending Cornell University with a major in hotel management in the business school.

Throughout the last four years in high school, Troy has maintained an admirable GPA and participated in multiple extracurricular activities such as being on Varsity Tennis, aceing autism, and frequently attending FCA. Troy is enrolled in many honors and AP curriculum. However, more than simply being enrolled in college courses on campus, Troy is also a student of microeconomics at Fullerton Junior College.

Troy has always exhibited an interest in economics and an incredible entrepreneurial spirit. In his free time Troy studies economics and even purchases stocks as a source of potential revenue.

In the future, Troy wishes to pursue a career either as a leader in the hotel industry or go into private equity. Troy is excited to attend Cornell this fall: “It has always been a dream of mine to attend a prestigious college. Now, I get to attend Cornell University and pursue a major that builds towards my future as being a business leader. I was always interested in economics so one of my sibling who attended Wharton Business School at University of Pennsylvania told me to major in business.”

After undergraduate education, Troy has contemplated attending graduate school for an even higher degree in business education.For graduate school, Troy wishes to attend an equally prestigious school.