YLHS Speech and Debate Attends CHSSA State Championship 2019

CHSSA 2019(photo courtesy of CHSSA)

CHSSA 2019(photo courtesy of CHSSA)

Wayne Chan, Editor-in-Chief

On May 3rd, the Yorba Linda High School speech and debate team participated in the annual state championship hosted by the California High School Speech Association. This year’s tournament was hosted at the California State University of Long Beach.

There, Yorba Linda High School students competed in the debate competitions of Congressional Debate and Parliamentary Debate and the individual events of speech competitions.

In Congressional debate, students emulate the debate in the real congressional chambers. This year, the topics included solutions for poverty, universalizing internet access, fighting the narcotics issue in America, limiting the Presidential powers regarding military decisions, recognizing climate refugees, promoting transparency in officer-related shootings, and revoking diplomatic immunities. Parliamentary debaters argued on colonizing states and their relations with former colonies, holding a second referendum on Brexit, the virtue of charter schools and their effect on the quality of traditional public schools, and whether or not the exploitation of oil-rich countries constitutes an international crisis.

Even though no one placed on the state level, Rishi Kheni(12), congressional debater, thought it was an incredibly valuable experience. The competitors were all more experienced and better than what [he] was accustomed to at OCSL. [Rishi] learned new tactics and habits for future improvement.” Anna Zhang(10), who competed in last years state tournament, noticed “improvement from last year. Even though [she] didn’t place, every time she attends state she learns from more experienced debaters and gains valuable experience for next year.

Ethan Ngo(10) had “a fun time. It is always exciting to face off against veterans who use wierd tactics and technical strategies.”

The tournament concludes the year for Yorba Linda High School’s speech and debate program. Isaiah Seo(12) expressed that “it was a great tournament for the last tournament of [his] speech and debate career in high school.”