Student Spotlight: Jacob Viveros


Emily Ito

Jacob Viveros (11) looks through his phone, researching the Mexican artists whose work he saw at LACMA during a school field trip.

Emily Ito, Section Editor

Driven. There is no term that better describes such an incredibly extraordinary individual. Jacob Viveros (11) is like no other. He is relentless in his work ethic and stays true to his convictions. Whether it is because of his brutal honesty or immense dedication, Jacob Viveros is someone that demands admiration and recognition.

In the beginning of the year, Jacob enrolled in nearly all AP or Honors courses. While this task may seem impossible to some, Jacob was able to excel in this daunting endeavor. A student in AP Physics, AP Language and Composition, AP US History, Honors Spanish, and Precalculus, he has a full schedule filled with some of the most demanding classes on campus.

Like every other student, Jacob has struggled to understand and balance some of his coursework. Yet his uniqueness shines through in his persistence to comprehend and his dedication to complete. Whether it is pulling all nighters or staying after class to get help, Jacob is sure to always complete the task at hand and perform it to the best of his ability. While many students will decide to drop the class or give up, Jacob pushes himself regardless of the difficulty he may face.

To add to the impressiveness of his achievements, Jacob has been able to balance his rigorous academics with his endless extracurriculars. Jacob is a volunteer for St. Jude’s Hospital, an alter server for his church, and a member of the YLHS Track and Field team. Despite a serious injury that impeded on his ability to compete with his track and field team, Jacob worked hard to overcome and push through. Ultimately, Jacob was able to not only compete, but excel for the remainder of the season. Beyond being an exceptional athlete, he also serves as a team captain. With a personality that lights up a room, he is a leader that easily earns the respect and appreciation of his peers. He is firm but never condescending, making him an incredible team captain.

While one could easily drag on about Jacob’s long list of achievements and extracurriculars, it is his magnetic personality that makes him one of a kind. His friends, such as Payton Armbruster (11), unanimously attest to how “honest” Jacob is, and “how one can rely on him and always go to him for help.” He never lies and will always explain exactly how he’s feeling and thinking. In a generation that often prioritizes sensitivity and pleasantries over transparency and sincerity, Jacob is unique in how genuine and honesty he is.

Jacob has also found a way to successfully deflect negativity and promote acceptance. He is encouraging and supportive, especially in times of hardship. He is the best friend to have and provides only love and comfort when another is struggling with any problems, big or small. His warmth extends beyond the individuals he calls friends, touching everyone he meets with kindness and compassion. On top of his immense consideration for others, his sense of humor is one that can brighten any day. He shares his light-heartedness with all he meets and never fails to bring a smile to someone’s face.

Jacob is nothing but dedicated to his friends, family, future, and beliefs. He is willing to listen to opposition but remains steady about the convictions he believes in. Jacob Viveros is truly one in a million and is someone that the Mustang family is so fortunate to have.