Ten Years of ASB


Delaney Pietsch, Photojournalist

Over the last ten years, Yorba Linda High School has changed for the better. We have progressed into one of the best schools in all of Orange County and in the nation for that matter. Our test scores are always above the standard and our athletes are always performing their best. The arts programs, at the moment, has an exceptional group of students participating in the different classes. Their talent pours out of everything YLHS does. Among all of these different categories Mustangs can be a part of, one group on campus stretches their Mustang Pride and leadership skills a bit more than the others. This group of people being ASB.

ASB, associated student body, is a group of kids on campus that keep the school running. They make sure that everything on campus runs as smoothly as possible. This group of students publicize school events to make sure every student knows what is going on on campus in order to support their fellow classmates. They do not only make the posters all around campus to pump up their fellow classmates for events happening in the future, but also create most of the events that happen on campus. From supporting theater productions to being the loudest on the sidelines, ASB has made the greatest impact regarding school spirit at YLHS. These individuals go above and beyond the expectation with everything that they do on campus, but how did it all start.

Yorba Linda High School has only been open, as of this year, for ten years. With the new school being introduced to our community, staff members and Yorba Linda residents had to come up with the fondation that YLHS would rest upon. They came up with the mascot, alma mater, and which teachers would be teaching. Among these people was our very own activities director, Mrs. Runge (Staff). Mrs. Runge has helped create the legacy of YLHS’s ASB. 

From there, these students elected their ASB President, Vice President, and so on. The students elected for these positions sat down and completed the ASB’s class constitution. They spent countless hours going through each job in ASB and how the commissioners would execute their jobs. This would be the foundation that, at this moment, every ASB class so far would be founded on. These are the guidelines that everyone in the class must follow, with very few exceptions.

Year after year since 2009 our ASB class has been expanding. The class keeps outdoing their ideas from the previous years as students come and go.  According to Warren Lee (11), this year has “really been one to remember because of this class.” He says that the class is an exciting one to be in because he gets to see all of the behind the scenes work that goes into the school. The students all get there work done in a timely manner and are always coming up with new ideas to implement on campus.  

Overall, the ASB class at Yorba Linda High School has come a long way since the opening of the school during the years of 2008-2009.They go above and beyond in everything that they do and are always coming up with new and creative ideas.