Behind the Crown


The freshly coronated King J.P. and Queen Roshni look ecstatic.

Jace Jenican, Opinions Editor

This year there were definitely some surprises in the homecoming court. Tori Nguyen (12) feels that this year was different because “it wasn’t just a bunch of stereotypical jocks and cheerleaders. Genuine people won and I actually feel like this year it wasn’t just a popularity contest.”


At the pep rally last Friday, it was revealed that J.P. Dabu was the 2014 YLHS Homecoming King. When he was asked if he expected this, he replied, “To be completely honest, I was surprised I was even on the ballot. I didn’t know the student body would even have the idea of choosing me.” Despite J.P.’s modesty, many people clearly feel that he is very deserving of this honor. In the video created to reveal the identity of the homecoming king at the pep rally, J.P.’s friends described him as “upbeat” and “always interested in others.” In a show of his sensitive side, J.P. asked Kayla Reager to homecoming this year by going into her AP Literature class and singing her a song that he wrote. In addition, at the talent show he dedicated his performance to her. Even though it was a big surprise to win, JP still finds it “really just a great honor to be your king.”


During the halftime show of the homecoming game, it was announced that Roshni Patel was to be crowned the Homecoming Queen. She was visibly shocked when they revealed that she was the queen because she thought “all the other girls on court are way more popular than I am.” Like J.P. she never even expected to be on the ballot because she doesn’t usually go to the dances. However, some of her friends put her on the ballot, initially as a joke. Not expecting anyone to take her nomination seriously, Roshni and her friends were very surprised when it was announced she was on homecoming court. She wasn’t even going to homecoming! Now she needed a date. A week later, her friend Devin Patel asked her to go with him during band practice. It seemed that everything had changed for her. After she was crowned Homecoming Queen, she commented, “I guess I had the nerd vote. I am involved in a variety of different activities, so a lot of people know me on campus. But I am in no way popular.”  Roshni may not think she is popular, but she was popular enough to become queen. She is well liked by enough groups on campus (band, mock trial, etc.) that I think it is safe to say she is a pretty popular person, if not in the traditional sense.