All About Holi


Reno Tahoe

Holi is an ancient Indian festival celebrating the change in seasons with color.

Mabel Ra, Editor

This year, Holi 2019 occurred on March 20-21. While Holi is a celebratory occasion millions of people celebrate, not too many people know enough about what this occasion signifies. Here are some quick facts about Holi to explain all about it.


What is it?

Holi is one of the largest festivals celebrated in India and is commonly referred to as the Festival of Colors. Its date marks the end of the winter season in India and a way to bring in the upcoming spring season. In addition to marking the seasons, Holi also celebrates fertility, color, love, and the winning battle of good over evil.


When is it?

For 2019, Holi landed on the dates of March 20 and 21. However, the dates fluctuate each year depending on the timing of the moon.


How do people celebrate it?

The most well-known aspect of Holi is in the colors. On the second day of Holi, also known as Rangwali Holi, people play with Holi colors. Generally, the attire is clean white clothes, so the aftermath of the explosion of various colors is evident on the clothing. In addition to the colors, people also play on the drums and other instruments, sing, and dance.


How did it start?

The origins of this holiday date back to varying legends in Hindu mythology with one surrounding the demon, Holika, and her brother, King Hiranyakashyap. Hiranyakashyap wanted his kingdom to solely place worship upon him; however, his son, Prahlad chose to follow Lord Naarayana. As punishment, Hiranyakashyap commanded Holika to enter a fire along with Prahlad. Holika had the ability to enter the fire without damaging herself, but unbeknownst to her, that ability only worked when entering the fire alone. In the end, Holika was hurt while Prahlad was saved. Holi, in remembrance of this, celebrates the triumph of good over evil.


Who celebrates it?

Although this is an Indian festivity, anyone can celebrate it. Melody Saba (12) “hope[s] to celebrate Holi next year.”


How can I participate?

In the past, not many people knew about Holi, let alone celebrated it. Nowadays, it has become a fascinating holiday that many countries have begun to participate. You can find Holi celebrations at marathons, parks, colleges, and around the community. At school, Indian Club is hosting a Holi celebration on March 30th from 12-12:30. To participate, the tickets cost $5, and it will be held in the grass by the 500 buildings.


Enjoy the festival of color!