To Ten Years of Mustang Staff


Mabel Ra

Ms. Luxa smiles with a gallery of pictures from her first class of teaching at YLHS.

Mabel Ra, Editor

Ten years ago, the history of Yorba Linda High School commenced and opened up a new chapter for the city of Yorba Linda. To the legacy of our school, to the active student body fueled by mustang pride, and to the staff that uphold an integral part of our school, we celebrate and recognize the legacy of Yorba Linda High School today and forever. Yorba Linda High School is home to numerous teachers, all of whom serve a vital purpose: to educate, to prepare, and to guide students along their journeys throughout high school. Teachers have the ability to influence the youth and the capability to shape the generations that change our futures. Cheers to ten years of Yorba Linda High School and to ten years of an impactful group of educators!


Señora Nicholson works as one of the Spanish teachers where she immerses students with the language and culture of various Spanish-speaking countries. As one of the few 10-year YLHS staff members, she has had the opportunity to firsthand experience the past decade. She notes that there have not been many changes since the opening of YLHS doors, because “there has always been a positive environment here since day one.” Looking back to her first year here, she comments that it was a challenge since they had to start all the new clubs and move from the portables but still one of the best years because of the “constant excitement of being at a new school.”


Previously teaching at Kraemer Middle School, Mr. Peacock now teaches mathematical subjects, ranging from Algebra I to AP Calculus BC, since his first year of teaching at YLHS three years after it opened. He notes that “being able to work with awesome students everyday” has been the highlight of his teaching experience at YL.


Ms. Luxa is another special staff member that has been a part of YLHS history since its very beginning. Her most memorable school experiences include participating in rallies like getting  pudding in her face in one and dressing as a sumo wrestler in another. Next year, she hopes to get more involved on campus, while 10 years later, she pictures herself retired and hanging around the house with her dog. To Ms. Luxa, Yorba Linda High School signifies a “second home.”


St. Amant has been with YLHS since 2010 and admires most its values of getting connected and having spirit. Her favorite memories include working as a team with other staff during the Olympic rallies, beating the students, in addition to Battle of the Sexes with the staff constantly pranking one another. As she continues her journey with YLHS, she adds that some of the novelty and excitement has worn off but emphasizes that it’s worth keeping the same enthusiasm within the school even decades after its establishment.


Dr. Dinh joined the YLHS staff in 2017 and holds the role as Assistant Principal of Curriculum. To Dr. Dinh, the significance of the 10-year anniversary is the opportunity for the community to get together and provide an archive of resources and information to commemorate the past decade. For the upcoming 10 years, Dr. Dinh’s plans are to “keep learning, seeking feedback, and growing from adversity”; his personal goal is to “be thankful and make the most of each day,” in addition to growing as a person– building leadership capacity and utilizing his time to benefit those around him.