Passion Power



The power of passion is in the ability of humans to change the world.

Mabel Ra, Editor

Passion– it’s something that is deeply rooted in your heart and sentiments. For some people, passion starts at a young age; for others, however, passion is found along the journey of maturing. What are you passionate about? At this point in life, it’s perfectly fine to be unsure. However, finding and pursuing a passion is one of the most joyful and pleasing life experiences, so as you take on each day, reflect and actively search for what can motivate you, change you, and influence you the way a passion passionately invigorates day to day life.


It surrounds us all and on a daily basis, too, Whether it be in your home, neighborhood, or country, different people have varying passions, varying topics that interest them the most. Passion compiles a set of ideals that is deeply ingrained into your personality that causes you to be so passionate about sharing it with others or even yourself, as you delve into the subject with deeper and greater interest, expanding the knowledge you are capable of. Passion may come in the form of the arts– writing, painting, creating media content; while, for others, it comes by voice. When people are passionate about a certain subject, their emotions have the possibility of shifting to intense enthusiasm or desire. For this reason, many participate in seemingly radical forms of behavior to showcase their passions, whether it be in the form of marching in protests or debating with others. Although this seems a sensible approach to exposing one’s passions to the world, others may not see it the same way. Despite this, it is important to note and avoid mistaking one’s passion for aggression. Different people have different interests, but at the end of the day, we are all humans and deserve the chance to share our voices.


People across the world are passionate for a variety of topics ranging from human rights, environmentalism, animal welfare, gender equality, politics, LGBTQ equality, and much much more. Allie Mortensen (11) is most passionate about the cause to adopt pets from rescues and shelters, rather than purchasing them from pet stores and breeders. She adds, ¨I love rescue work because I know I’m making an impact in the rescue community.¨


If you are searching to find your own passion, here are a few tips to help you along your path to discovering that extra something special!

-Volunteer with different organizations

-Talk to people! You’ll learn a lot simply by listening.

-Read books, watch videos, and listen to presentations

-Join clubs at school or around your community


Passion is an incredible form of emotion– it envelops our happiness, our interests, and our hopes and goals for the future. It provokes the monotony of tradition; it tugs onto people’s hearts; and most importantly, it enacts change in this ever-growing world.