Boba, Boba, and More Boba!!!


(Photo courtesy of Sarah Meadows)

Shown above is an image of Ding Tea’s delicious classic milk tea with boba.

Sarah Meadows, Photojournalist

Finding its way to the heart of American cities all the way from Taiwan, a trendy food known as “boba” seems to be making its way into the souls of Americans far and wide. Now, what is “boba”? Well, boba pearls are essentially chewy tapioca balls that rest at the bottom of a milk tea, fruit tea, or other drink. Yes, they are practically flavorless, but these pearls receive their endless popularity all thanks to their unique texture that seems to accompany any drink perfectly. Although boba has been popular in the US since the nineties, it has gained immense popularity in Yorba Linda during the last month. Ironically, there have been three boba places that have popped up in Yorba Linda in the past month. Or is it so ironic?


Boba Fiend, Honey and Lavender, and Ding Tea are all new boba places in Yorba Linda, obviously competing for the overall public satisfaction.


Boba Fiend was the first of the three restaurants to open, thus receiving all the boba-deprived customers of Yorba Linda. Without a doubt, their grand opening was the most grand. The ambiance is casual as many students flock here to study or play cards with friends after school, and the prices are low. Their signature large-bottomed cups and considerable involvement on social media have their customers coming back for more.


Honey and Lavender is the most trendy of the three new boba places. The ambiance is very popular as many teens come here specifically to take pictures with their adorable cups of milk tea boba and their beautiful soft serve ice creams topped with pinches of gold flakes! It is no surprise that this boba place is more pricey than the other two; however, the customer is paying for more than just the food. They are also paying for the experience.


Ding Tea is the most classic and authentic boba places of the three. The customer service is spot on and the casual ambiance, low prices, and delicious taste makes for the perfect after school snack.


The question is, which of the three boba places offer the best boba? According to a survey of 50 Yorba Linda High School students, 23 agreed that Ding Tea has the best boba, 17 said that Boba Fiend has the best boba, and 10 argued that Honey and Lavender has the best boba. Averi Colburn (10) and Amaya Colburn (12) both agree that, “Ding Tea not only has the best tasting milk teas and boba, but is also has become a spot where we can go to enjoy some one-on-one sister time.”


Overall, it is more than just the boba that has millennials obsessing over this food trend; it is the experience that people share when trying something new. Whether is it Boba Fiend, Honey and Lavender, or Ding Tea, the most important part of the experience is worth more than what money can buy: memories. Indeed, it is the memories of spitting sticky boba pearls across the table at your giggling sister that you will remember forever and ever.