Getting Down to Business


Juliette Fournier

YLHS Business Leadership and Management held their soft opening on March 11th in the YLHS Library.

Juliette Fournier, Editor

Let’s get down to business! That’s what the Mustangs in the Business Management and Leadership course offered at YLHS are ready to do with their newest contribution to campus: the Mustang Market. As part of the final course towards completing the Business Management Pathway offered on campus, students must complete a certain amount of work-based learning hours. In the past, students were required to obtain these hours outside of school. However, in 2017, ideas started bouncing amongst the students about finding another way for students in the Business Management Pathway to gain work experience. After a bit of research, the students fell upon La Habra High School’s on-campus business and were inspired to create something similar for the students of YLHS. Thus, the seed was planted, and two years later, the store is finally ready to open.


Of course, it wasn’t nearly as easy as it sounds. The idea itself required extensive research and work from both the students and their teacher, Ms. Hai(staff). Countless meetings with the principal, members of the school district, and donors were also crucial in the process to gain approvals, argue their case, and most importantly, obtain money for their cause. After all, money comes at a price and was a crucial factor in determining whether or not the store would be possible.


Students in the Business Management Pathway are able to apply what they have learned throughout the course and have a hands-on, real-world experience at what it‘s like to actually run a business. On top of benefiting these students, Ms. Hai hopes it will also help increase enhance YLHS students’ sense of community and school pride. Since the store itself will be run by students in the Business Management class, students throughout the school will be able to increase their interactions with other students on campus. The students at YLHS will also be benefited by the products offered at the store. As of right now, some products include lanyards, key chains, school supplies, drawstring bags, shirts, and items customized with YLHS logos to name a few. In the future, students hope to expand the inventory to include seasonal items such as small gifts (for that last minute Valentine’s Day or Christmas gift) and other products that could prove helpful to YLHS students. Prices will vary depending on the items.


But after purchase, where does the money actually go? The answer is right back to sustain inventory and buy more products for students. Once the store starts to make a profit, it may also be used for the Business Management class to go on field trips. Another potential use for the money might be to donate to charities, though this idea still requires approval before it can be executed.  


On March 11th, the Mustang Market held its soft opening in the YLHS library. As Ms. Hai explained, a soft opening in the business world allows for a business to work out any potential problems by opening for a small crowd of people. Among this small gathering were YLHS staff members, the mayor of Yorba Linda, donors, representatives from the Congressman office, and representatives from the Senate office. After a ribbon-cutting ceremony and speeches, the store was temporarily opened for business. The Mustang Market’s grand opening will be held in the Quad during lunch on Monday, March 25th. An official ribbon cutting ceremony will take place and speeches will be delivered. After the grand opening, the store will be open for student use every day before school, during lunch, and after school. Ms. Hai emphasized that the “students who wanted to start a store did it to leave behind something for all YLHS to benefit from.” Thanks to all the dedication and contributions of students, staff, parents, donors, and supporters of the store, Mustang Market will surely boost YLHS as it continues to grow to help its students and community.