Ten Things that Turn Ten in 2019


The year of 2019 is anticipated to be an exciting, yet nostalgic year.

Malieka Khan, Editor

As the new year has just arrived a lot has changed, yet the idea of nostalgia is still highly relevant and even more of a theme going around the world. In fact, with the new year around, many things have began get older yet more interesting and relevant as they go along with them, especially the entertainment industry. From movies to music to books, things have began to grow older and grow bigger with the years. In fact some of the biggest names in entertainment history have become ten years old on this very year.

Books, though they have seemed to become things of the past in recent years, have been published by the thousands every year and 2009 was no exception. Unmatched historical classics just as “The Help” that replay stories of history from decades before were published to become ten this year. Since its release it has also won its own movie which was nominated for several oscars during the 2010 Oscar Awards Ceremony.

The trend of young adult novels had also been alive and thriving during this time so novels such as “Catching Fire” (2009) the second novel in “The Hunger Games” (2008) series were being published left and right. Similar novels such as “Divergent” (2011) and “Twilight” (2005) had been published a few years prior and after only to reach as much if not greater success than the others at the time. “I remember these movies being a big part of my life in middle school” states Shannon Adler (11) when being asked about what impact these movies have had on her these past ten years.

Movies in 2009 mimicked the rise in talent that books did that very year from heartfelt genres to movies that broke the boundaries with their visual effects. “Avatar” (2009) was seen as a movie that told an amazing story in an amazing way through its special effects which had been unmatched up until its release ten years ago. “The Blind Side” (2009) was another release that turns ten this year and still can bring tears to those who see since it tells a story that follows a man who grew up on the “other” side of the town and is taken in by a woman who is hesitant to do so.

The past ten years have seen a major shift in music and the genres that are popularized in general. From rap music like Eminem’s 2009 release “Crack a Bottle” to more pop type music like Kelly Clarkson’s hit “My Life Would Suck Without You” that played on the radio daily during that year. Also “classics” that are played at dances at ylhs’s very own high school were sparked from that year such as “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga, “Run This Town” by Jay-Z, and “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z as well.

Even genres of music that reach for a different crowd like “21 Guns” by Green Day and “Fireflies” by Owl City. These songs are still played on repeat and can even be a staple in some people’s lives for as long as they live which are now turning ten years old, though they may seem like they had been released last month.

After ten years all these moments in the entertainment industry are still being shown and played and replayed. This almost symbolizes the idea of a new sparked culture that is built off of resurrecting old cultures for that nostalgia feeling most get when they are watched or listened to or read. With that being said, little is known of what this next decade is to going to bring and what new staples will arise in entertainment; what is known is that there is another decade of memories to be made in the world through greater projects.