We Love the Hate Company Spotlight


Andrew Monroe

The Brands logo elicits all that the company stands for and its values.

Brandon Russell, Editor in Chief

Entrepreneurship is a skill that many Americans hope and dream to maintain in this world that prides itself on the American dream. Shows like Shark Tank, are ones that aid in the production and reality of that dream; however, local company, We Love the Hate, used pure marketing and word of mouth to grow their up and coming business. Taking this into account, Ylhs student, Andrew Monroe (12), and Kyle Ford are the creators of an up and coming clothing brand called, We Love the Hate.


Inspired by trials and tribulations within each of their respective lives, the two owners created the company to “ inspire other kids and teens to persevere and thrive under circumstances that may seem insurmountable.” Acting as an almost escape from the troubles of real life, the company understands just what life can entail and the troubles that can come about at the worst of times. Specifically, the company focuses on delivering a message of perseverance and self- respect in which they hope will enable kids to be proud of who they are and the skin that they are in.


Along with the message that they send to their customers, Andrew and Kyle’s company focuses on that of retail production for their consumers. Their company takes the form of a website that sells anywhere from mens jackets, hoodies, and t-shirts; to women’s hoodies, tank tops, and long sleeve t-shirts. The wide variety of clothing, colors, and sizes, enables consumers on even the tightest budget, to purchase clothes that are comfortable and stylish at the same time. Ranging from prices of $25- $65, We Love The Hate is a company that differs from many other local startups, and businesses within Orange County.


Tyler Krause (12) knows how hard “Andrew and Kyle have worked on the company, and I love being able to support them by wearing their product and spreading the word on just how great of a company We Love the Hate is.” Spreading between the manufacturing of bracelets to promote their brand, to stickers to put on cars and local hydroflasks, the company that Ylhs student Andrew Monroe and Co Owner, Kyle Ford have made is one that not only urges teens to persevere at even the most trivial of times, but promotes that of true self through the world of clothing.


To visit their online website, visit: www.welovethehate.com


The companies use of marketing and mission statement are ones that the owners hope to spread all over Orange County, and that of Los Angeles as well. Go check out We Love the Hate, and as customers like to say, Embrace the Hate.