What do YLHS Students do for Halloween?


Stephen Serrano

Stephen his friends, Sarah Kim (11), and Nick Deang (11) on Halloween Night 2017.

Stephen Serrano, Section Editor

Halloween is the spooky time of year where everyone loves to get scared and stuff their faces with sugary goodness. On Halloween night, what do teens in high school actually do? High school is the weird time period where you’re too old to trick or treat but too young to be going to parties. What do we do to celebrate? I asked a few of my friends to see what they are doing.

Rhys Weingarten (11) is a varsity football player for YLHS and he says that he is “going to be at practice” on Halloween. Similarly, Emelia Ortiz (11), a varsity cheerleader, will have cheer practice on Halloween. Others are planning to stay in and have a movie night with friends where they will watch a plethora of horror films and enjoy the night accompanied by sweet treats.

During school on Halloween, students are still encouraged to dress up for the fun of it. At lunch in the quad, ASB hosts the Halloween Fashion Show. There are different categories based on the genre of each costume. A panel of judges then goes on to choose the winners of each category.

Personally, after school, I will be going to a movie night and trick or treating. You might be wondering, trick or treating? I thought you said you were too old for that. To you, I say there’s a reason for trick or treating that goes over getting free candy.

At YLHS, I am apart of We Club, an organization through Free the Children that wants to create change in third world countries against poverty, child labor, and education. We Club is hosting an event called “We Scare Hunger,” an event to get rid of starving people in our community. Members collect canned goods or non-perishable food items, toiletries, clothes, and ladies products instead of receiving candy. All of the donations go to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County in Irvine. After getting donations to “scare hunger” from the community, I will be heading over to my friend’s house for a couple hours to hang out and watch scary movies. Later that night, I will be trying to get some rest and do some last minute packing for my trip to New York with our Newspaper editors and Yearbook class.

Those are just a few ideas of what to do on the spooktacular night. Whatever you do on Halloween, please stay safe, Mustangs!