How to Score a Homecoming Date


courtesy of Courtney Huiit

One YLHS student creatively asks his homecoming date with sunflowers and a cute poster

Tiffany Vo, Photojournalist

Homecoming season is already here! Yorba Linda High School ASB is hosting their annual formal dance on October 20th. From 7 p.m. to  10 p.m., students will gather in the gym to hang out with their friends and dance with their dates. Speaking of dates, here are ways to score yourself a perfect dance partner.


  1. Become Friends Before

It’ll make the encounter more comfortable. If your partner has no idea who you are, you might not get the confirmation you want. Getting to know the person allows the connection to grow stronger and secure a bond. Show interest and make it clear you want to go with them. Also, it would be ideal if your partner doesn’t already have a date. Asking someone who already has a date will just make it extremely awkward for the both of you. Save yourself the discomfort and find someone without a date.


  1. Come Up with a Creative Way of Asking

Your partner will surely be thankful for any tactic you ask them with, but a creative, self-made quote or gesture is surely appreciated. And remember, it’s okay to be rejected! Don’t let that discourage you from asking someone new. Some people prefer to go stag, but it will be thoughtful that you asked in the first place.


  1. Ask in Person

These days it is easy to simply slide in someone’s direct messages. Keeping it traditional is getting rare nowadays; asking in person will give you a better chance at appearing genuine. According to Ava Kough (12), who has been previously asked, “there’s no emotion over text, and it shows that the person will put in effort.”


  1. Get Friends to Help You

Making a poster and setting up a homecoming proposal can take loads of effort and preparation. Gather your close friends and have them accompany you to your final destination. They can also record and take pictures of the interaction for future memories.  

Remember that homecoming is, above all, a time to have fun. It is a night to dance, laugh, and enjoy the music from the DJ. Going with or without a date should not affect your high school night. Brenda Perez (12) expresses how going stag is probably more fun because “it eliminates the stress of being with one person all night.” But if you choose to accompany yourself with a date, be respectful, responsible, and safe. High school only happens once; experience your adolescent youth and enjoy the dance, Mustangs!