The Wrangler 2018 – 2019


Sarah Shay

The Wrangler team ready for the upcoming year!

Wayne Chan, Editor-in-Chief

The Wrangler starts another year as Yorba Linda High School’s esteemed newspaper team with new aspirations and goals.


This year the team is lead by Wayne Chan(12) and Brandon Russell(12). The section editors are Stephen Serrano(11), Gabby McCutchan(11), Juliette Fournier(12), Malieka Khan(11), Grace Kim(12), Janet Han(11), Mabel Ra(12), Caitlyn Truong(11), and Emily Ito(11).

The traditional written articles will still be a priority of the program; however, the organization will emphasize on other tasks to expand the news coverage and viewership around the school. Editors will be assigned different responsibilities outside of editing and producing articles. Photojournalists are encouraged to write on articles pertaining to local or on campus events that have more immediate effects on the students of Yorba Linda High School.

Stephen Serrano(11) is the social media coordinator. He will be in charge of growing The Wrangler’s social media presence. Everyday on the official instagram account, an article and the picture of the author will be posted with the link to the article. The goal for the team is to reach 1000 followers while boosting viewership.

Juliette Fournier(12) and Gabby McCutchan(11) are multimedia coordinators. They are in charge of producing content outside of the conventional article form. A prominent feature will be the round table where students and faculty are asked controversial issues or the newest events going on at school.

Malieka Khan(11) and Emily Ito(11) are in responsible for public relations. They advertise The Wrangler around the school through flyers or cooperating with teachers to have articles distributed in classrooms.

Grace Kim(12) and Janet Han(11) are recognition ambassadors. Their duties are to pursue the seven SNO badges. Each badge is an award bestowed by the company behind The Wrangler’s website. Awards are given for a large presence on social media, a regular publication routine, appealing website design, a well developed story page, excellence in writing, content in the form of videos and slideshows, and interaction with the audience.

Caitlyn Truong(11) and Mabel Ra(12) are assignment editors. They will compose pitches for the staff’s potluck writing activity, an annual publication event where certain events in school are assigned to photojournalists to cover. They will also suggest pitches to photojournalists to better emphasize coverage around the school as opposed to national or international news.

Brandon Russell(12), editor-in-chief, is “excited for the future. Our team will achieve and improve significantly over the next year.”