Tips on Surviving High School


Yorba Linda High School during spirit week. Photo credits: Socal drone guys and Mustang Mix

Grace Kim, Editor

It was a dark and dreary night… To many incoming students, the first day of high school may seem just that: a very dark and dreary night. Being surrounded by unfamiliar faces or trying out for a sports team can be a frightening experience. However, high school shouldn’t feel like a scene from a horror movie especially not Yorba Linda High School. Yorba Linda High School, although opened for only 10 years, has a honorable legacy of mustang pride. Most students at YL High are involved in either athletics, academic clubs, publications, etc… Not to mention, ASB provides multitude of opportunities including dances and pep rallies to have a memorable year. Still unsure? Here are some tips from upperclassmen :


  1. According to Alyssa Pepito (12), it is important to “take all the hard classes first”. Due to college applications, SAT, ACT, and AP classes, Junior and Senior year are expected to be the most demanding. With that in mind, it is helpful to relieve some of that burden by taking as many difficult courses Freshman and Sophomore year.


  1. On the other hand, Nathan Le (10) and Nathalie Chavez (10) suggest freshmen “get involved at school with extracurriculars.” Nathan Le, for an example, is a dedicated member of the academic decathlon team. As part of the academic decathlon team, Nathan works with his teammates to compete in tournaments all throughout Orange County. Unlike Nathan, Nathalie isn’t part of an academic club; however, she spends countless hours in the small gym as part of Dance Company. Both mustangs are involved at school, but in different ways. Yorba Linda High School has clubs and athletics for all groups of interests.


  1. Other then taking classes early and getting involved, students should get to know the staff of Yorba Linda High School including their counselors. At least once every year, students will meet with their counselors. Whether it is changing a class or requesting a recommendation letter, counselors will become a vital member of having a great high school experience. There are 3 main counselors available for all students: Mrs. Coulter, Mrs. Walls, and Mrs. Pike. Each counselor has a set amount of students that is divided by last name.


Still, the most important tip for surviving high school is to always persevere. Practicing for a specific sport will show improvement. Finishing an AP class is an impressive achievement. In the end, the work put into a high school experience will make it more memorable.